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Democracy In Action reporters are all over Onondaga County.  These are the polling places we expect to visit. If you see a DIA reporter, let us know on twitter at @DemocracyAction.

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Sign details Onondaga County Board of Elections goal as conducting a fair election as perfect as possible.

NYS Interests in 2021 Local Elections

Liverpool, N.Y. (DiA)–This year’s local election cycle is welcoming New York State interests with five referendums included on this year’s ballot. The referendums include five proposed NYS Constitutional amendments, including state redistricting procedures, no-excuse absentee voting, and voter registration policies. 2019 was the last local election year, and voter turnout was around 33%, said Dustin…

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Kids At The Polls

Yearly Tradition: Father Brings Son to Voting Polls

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – Election Day in Onondaga County had many local positions up for grab this year. For one frequent voter, he believes voting every year is important for him and his son. Onondaga County resident Francis Zaryski has been living in the area for about 20 years and has voted every year since he…

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A polling place in a church where people are casting their votes.

Voters in Syracuse are Juggling Controversial Issues

In a country where division is growing, polarizing opinions come to the forefront. Voters in Syracuse are deciding what to prioritize in this year's election, especially with multiple propositions on the ballot, and a mayoral seat up for grabs.

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Poll Worker Talks to A Voter.

Residents Share Their Views On The Issues Facing Syracuse

Syracuse Residents Linda Abear and Cjala Surrat voted at the Bellevue Heights Methodist Church polling site. Linda Abear was joined with her two grandchildren, as she wanted to teach them how to vote. She said that the School District has failed to teach her grandchildren the right things, as she believes children are being indoctrinated by teachers. Cjala Surrat voiced concerns over poverty in the Syracuse area, including what to do with the population along I-81. She said that she voted to stand up and be a voice for them. Polls close at nine tonight.

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Poll worker in red shirt walks towards the desk while several voters look at their ballots.

Election Sees Jump in Voter Turnout

In what is considered an "off-year" for voting, the polls are seeing more action then in five years. Reporter Lucas Vogel speaks with a local poll worker about why that is, and why it's good for our democracy.

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Bellevue Heights United Methodist Church, one of the many polling sites across Onondaga County.

Voters Look To Make Change In Socio-Economic Inequality

Today is election day in New York and citizens from all different backgrounds are casting their votes. Many had great experiences and were eager to exercise their constitutional rights through voting and effecting change in their desired areas. Common fields of interest include socio-economic inequality and the mayoral election. A few voters expressed their concern with the back side of ballots as there was little information or context regarding certain polls. Polling centers officially close at nine tonight though results likely will not be final for at least a day.

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Heather Brubaker standing in front of the Hillside Work Scholarship Connection Gym in Syracuse

Voters In Syracuse Return In Person For 2021 Election Day

Many voters in Onondaga County, and specifically the Syracuse area, decided to vote using absentee ballots during the 2020 Presidential Election due to COVID-19 concerns. Now, during the 2021 Syracuse General Election, more voters are going in person. Whether it is due to the location of the closest voting poll or the chance to show children how to vote, those who visited the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Gym on Election Day had different reasons as to why they decided to vote in person this year.

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