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Democracy In Action reporters are all over Onondaga County.  These are the polling places we expect to visit. If you see a DIA reporter, let us know on twitter at @DemocracyAction.

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Kids At The Polls

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CNY Seeing High Voter Turnout On Election Day

CLAY, N.Y. (DIA) – Hundreds of voters filed through the doors of the Clay Town Hall this morning to cast their vote in the 2022 midterm elections. Paco Valle, a 2022 midterm voting system specialist at the site, said he was surprised by the high turnout. “Most Midterms are very slow but this one is…

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White polling box with American flag

Voting Is a Family Affair

Ashley Rewakowski, a Syracuse resident and small business owner brought her 12-year-old son with her to vote. Though he can't cast a ballot himself, Rewakowski thinks it's important to expose her son to the election process early.

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A brick building with cars in front of it.

Some Voters Go On Attack Against Campaign Attack Ads

Syracuse N.Y (DIA)- As the morning of election day swept over Syracuse, at the North Syracuse Community Center many people came to cast their ballots. But as they cast their votes, plenty of voters weren’t in agreement about how the candidates went about campaigning.   While voters were happy to exercise their privilege of voting,…

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