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Democracy In Action reporters are all over Onondaga County.  These are the polling places we expect to visit. If you see a DIA reporter, let us know on twitter at @DemocracyAction.

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Campaign signs for Graham and Harrison

Tight South Carolina Senate Race As Polls Close

The race between Democrat Jaime Harrison and incumbent Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has gained national attention. For a strong red state, South Carolina is seeing more and more Democrats run for political office to represent the state. For South Carolina Democrats, some feel that this Senate race is giving them a stronger voice in the state.

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International Concerns Shape Students’ Election Perceptions

While concerns about the economy, social justice and health care impacted  the way many citizens voted today,  several Syracuse University students with ties to other countries said  their international experiences shaped their views of the election. While living  in Belgium in 2017,  Amanda Byrne said she felt the impact of policies changes resulting from  the turnover…

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Kids At The Polls

Voters wait in line at Hillsdale Work-Scholarship Connection.

Mother Teaches Son The Importance Of Voting

A 32-year-old mother brought her 9-year-old son to the voting poll today to teach him the importance of voting. Aisha Alavi-Curry wanted to provide Elyjah with the experience of voting, something her parents never did with her. She knows voting with be her son's responsibility one day and wants him to recognize the value early on.

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A woman stands next to her father while holding her cellphone sideways in preparation for a selfie.

Onondaga County Voters Pleased by Early Voting Records

As thousands of people across Onondaga County cast their ballot on Election Day, those who voted in-person at the Marcellus Fire Station voiced their optimism for the abundance of early voting this election. Between early and absentee voting, over 100,000 people in the county have already cast their ballot.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Liam Crowley, 20, Syracuse University student – “Why I Vote”

Liam Crowley, 20, a broadcast journalism student at Syracuse University, is seen working at the audio booth in preparation for CitrusTV’s election special. “It is my civic duty, it is my birthright,” he says when talking about the importance of voting. “I think it’s important that everyone has some sort of role.” Crowley is from…

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Democracy in Action 2019

Nicole Aponte, 19, Syracuse University student – “Why I Vote”

Nicole Aponte, 19, a broadcast journalism student at Syracuse University, is reporting for CitrusTV just hours before CitrusTV’s election special goes on-air for election night. “In the past four years, we’ve seen issues arise that could’ve been prevented. Now I have a say even if it’s just one vote,” she says. Aponte is from Long…

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