Eastern Suburbs

Man wearing voting sticker outside library front door

Voters Check Out The Polls, Then Books

Written by Danielle Wolfenson, NEW 305.3

Tom Killian and his wife walked out of the Fayetteville Free Library Tuesday with a with a stack of books, DVDs and two matching “I Voted” stickers. The couple votes in nearly every election, and were eager to get to the polls following the “media hype” around this election day, as well as to balance […]

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Woman in red coat standing outside of a library

Two Fayetteville Women: Voting is Our Duty, and Fun

Written by Emily Kelly, NEW 305.3

Seasoned voters Kimberly Killian, 54, and Jessica McKinnis, 40, said voting at the Fayetteville Free Library in the midterm election was something they enjoyed. “I always feel very proud,” McKinnis said. “And excited, and I can’t wait to see results in the evening.” Killian has been voting for years, yet her family still plays an […]

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Morning Rain Doesn’t Stop Voters at Tecumseh Elementary School

Written by Ashtyn Hiron, BDJ 664.01

Tecumseh Elementary School Voting People rolled into Tecumseh Elementary in DeWitt this morning to cast their vote in this years midterm elections. Since the early hours of the morning the rain came hard, but that didn’t stop people from flooding the polling booths. Mary Kelly has been voting for 50 years. She said that there […]

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Three white dividers with an American flag and the word "vote" printed on them sit on a table, where an elderly woman fills out her ballot.

DeWitt Residents Commit to a Lifetime of Voting

Written by Samantha Perkins, NEW 305.3

Both 51-year-old Michael Thomas and 22-year-old Sarah E. have voted in every election since they turned 18. They discuss what voting means to them and why other citizens should feel compelled to vote.

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Voters cast their ballots.

Early Bird Voters Show Concern About Millennial Turnout

Written by Dominick Muccilo, BDJ 664.02

Early bird voters at Nottingham High School expressed their concerns over the millennial vote and how that could play a factor for this election and future elections. Numbers are down across the board for millennial voting and the hope is that they will increase this year.

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Sign with yellow letters reading "Vote Here" against an American flag background.

DeWitt Resident Fulfills Civic Responsibility

Written by Taylor Mccloud, NEW 305.3

As rampant political ads dominate and shape the political climate, DeWitt native Cameron Fiss votes for other reasons: to fulfill his civic responsibility and to encourage his peers to participate in the political process.

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