Eastern Suburbs

Piles of "I Voted" stickers

Syracuse Voters Drawn to the Polls for their own Reasons

MINOA, N.Y. (DIA) –  Voters filled the small class room  at St. Mary’s Parish Center in Minoa New York. The voices in this classroom are not those of students but rather the voices of voters. Those voices have a lot to say even the timid voices have an opinion to give. “How do you feel?…

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Democracy in Action 2019

Voters Turned Away at Dewitt Town Hall

DEWITT, N.Y. (DIA)– As of this morning a third of the people who came to the Dewitt Town Center has not been able to cast their ballots. Early voting allows residents to go to any location, but today voters must show up to their designated polling site– which is leaving many frustrated. “So now I have…

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Polling place distance sign hung on construction fense.

DeWitt Poll Workers Struggle To Find Polling Center

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – When Jonathan Hecht woke up this morning, he knew there was a chance election day would bring a few surprises. Today is Hecht’s third election day serving as a poll worker. But Hecht never thought a surprise would come before polls opened.  “When I plugged in 1419 Salt Springs Road, my GPS…

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