Picture of a white sign, with black letters.

Every Vote Counts

Written by Brandon Williams, BDJ 664.02

Today is midterm election day and voters around Onondaga and surrounding counties have been at the polls all day. With the current political state in this country, more people have voted early in the 2018¬†midterm elections. Voters here said casting a ballot is what’s important, not necessarily winning. “You know that you played a part,” […]

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People vote at Salina Town Hall.

The Importance of Voting

Written by Douglas Cortese, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Today is election day and people are going to the polls at a higher rate than last year, but less than presidential elections, said Martha Christiano, the polling place director at Salina Town Hall. She said it is important to vote and people who don’t have no right to complain. “When people don’t come out […]

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A sign in front of the entrance to the Mundy Branch Library shows voters where to go.

Setting a Positive Example Drives Parents to Polls

Written by Daniel Harty, BDJ 364.03

Marjorie Graham approaches voting with this motto: “Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the progress.” For many Americans, voting is a right that is taken for granted. Some may even look at it as a hassle. In a time where people’s lives cease to pause, having to wake up early or make […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" with people in line in front of a table.

CNY Woman Volunteers on Election Day for 10th Year

Written by Brianna Yates, BDJ 311.01, BDJ 364.01

It’s Election Day and a rainy day in Central New York, but the rain hasn’t stopped voters from showing up to the polls. But voting can’t take place without volunteers like Cynthia Bishop. It’s the tenth year that Bishop has volunteered on Election Day. Today she’s spending the day at the Spiritual Renewal Center in […]

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Dziko Boyd is signing in to vote in the election

The Importance of a Vote

Written by Jacob Kronberg, BDJ 364.03

With the midterm elections taking place today, citizens of Onondaga County are making their way to various polling stations to cast their votes. “Onondaga County is a really good district because we have a lot of polling places,” said Patti Herrman, who has worked as a Voting System Specialist at polling stations in Cicero, Baldwinsville […]

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Voters at Erwin First United Methodist Church

Motivated Voters Brave the Rain to Vote in Westcott

Written by Erin Lyons, BDJ 364.03

  Syracuse, N.Y.-¬†It was pouring rain outside the Erwin First United Methodist Church in Syracuse’s Westcott neighborhood, but voters of every age still braved the rain and cast their vote at the polling station. Near the polling station’s entrance, some voters on their way out stopped by a bake sale hosted by a church group, […]

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A picture of the American flag with the word vote written underneath.

Why Central New York Citizens Are Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Written by Natalie Fahmy, BDJ 364.01

Voters in Central New York are coming out to the polls to be a voice in the 2018 midterm elections. One polling place people are going to vote this year is Tecumseh Elementary School, where people are voting for various reasons. One CNY citizen, Sharron Royce, said voting in the midterm elections is especially important […]

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Voters leaving Camillus fire department in the rain.

Voters in Camillus are Fighting Through the Mud

Written by Patrick Gunn

The rain is coming down in Camillus today. That is not what’s keeping voters away from the poll on election day. While there are muddy conditions affecting people from voting, it’s not mud from the rain. That would be from the mudslinging from the political campaigns across the nation. “I think the advertising I see […]

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Some Solvay Residents Join the Blue Wave on Election Day 2018

Written by Camila Grigera Naon, BDJ 364.01

Early this morning, some Solvay residents made their way to the Solvay Geddes Community Youth Center to vote for Democrats across the board in the midterm elections. While some have remained faithful to the Democratic Party for a long time, others recently started voting blue because they began to experience a loss of faith in […]

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A sign outside a polling place reading "Voting Enter Here."

Some Central New Yorkers Believe a Photo ID Should be Required to Vote

Written by Daniel Hatchett, BDJ 364.01

Requiring photo identification in order to vote has been a hot button issue across the nation for years and some Central New York voters would like to see that requirement here. Requiring a photo ID at the polls is on the ballot in several states across the nation today. It isn’t on the ballot in […]

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Baked goods on a table at a polling station

Sweet Treats at Central New York Polling Station

Written by Mateo Estling, BDJ 311.01, BDJ 364.01

Election day is one of the most important days of the year for some citizens, and many find it their civic duty to vote. But, that does not mean a little bit of fun can’t also be found at your local polling station. For voters at the Pompey Hill Fire Department in Central New York, […]

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Two women sitting one woman standing next to a table with baked goods

Church Bake Sale Raising Money on Election Day: It’s a Mission

Written by Daniel Loftus, BDJ 364.01

Sweet treats greet voters in Syracuse. At the Erwin First United Methodist Church polling place in Syracuse, the United Methodist Women’s group is holding a bake sale all day for voters passing by. Women from the group are running the stand all day as long as the baked goods last. The group is raising money […]

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Early Southside Voters Look for Change

Written by Christopher Lauck, BDJ 364.01

Earlier this morning, some voters at Danforth Magnet Elementary school on the south side of Syracuse, came out to the polls in hope of making a difference. Since the new administration in the White House was elected in 2016, some people are looking to turn Congress in the other direction. While some people voted to […]

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Dana Balter Yard Sign

CNY Political Yard Signs: Could They Impact the 2018 Election?

Written by Gregory Bradbury, BDJ 364.01

It is Election Day 2018! One political science professor at Syracuse University is taking a look at the race in the 24th Congressional District through yard signs. Democracy in Action’s Greg Bradbury explains out how he thinks these could play a role in the race between John Katko and Dana Balter.

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