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Micron, Abortion on the Minds of Clay Voters in Midterms

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Voters in Clay had a lot to think of as they headed to the polls Tuesday. The town is fresh off last month’s announcement that Micron is building a microchip manufacturing plant and investing $100 Billion in Clay and in the region. Leaders from all over New York State and…

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A view from in front of Lakeshore Baptist Church which served as a polling location today for people in Cicero. (C) Sammy St. Jean 2022

Election Day Brings Many CNY Kids To Learn

CICERO, N.Y. (DIA) — Onondaga county residents came out early and often to vote for the midterm election this year. At Lakeshore Baptist Church in Cicero people have been coming in since the polls opened at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. People came in to vote with their significant other, a friend and even their pets. Some…

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Female voter smiling with sticker

Cicero Voters Focus on Abortion Rights, Economy

Female voters at the Cicero Town Hall spoke about reproductive rights and the economy as primary motivators to bring them to the polls for the 2022 midterm elections. The voter turnout in the northern Syracuse suburb was high Tuesday morning.

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Voters See Midterm Elections as Important

BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (DIA) –  Election Day is one of the most important days of the year, giving citizens a chance to make their voices heard on who they wish to represent them. The Lysander Town Building in Baldwinsville is seeing a great turnout of both families and individual voters, who have arrived to show their support for…

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Voters, poll workers, and stations for voting on election day.

Central New Yorkers Enthusiastic about Heading to the Polls

Voters in Liverpool, New York headed to the polls in bunches around midday Tuesday. It was a relatively swift process that contained just a few steps, but a lot of people were there for different reasons, including Sandra Stephens and Tracey Standish. Standish was taking her mother, Stephens to vote, something she's done for multiple years. Both were very excited to participate and vote this year because of some big issues they have with the current state of affairs in Central New York and the country.

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Redeemer Covenant Church In Liverpool

Liverpool Voters State Importance Of Voting This Election

LIVERPOOL N.Y. – Voters across the country are making their voices heard in the 2022 midterms. One of those communities is the suburb of Liverpool, where voters gathered at Redeemer Covenant Church to cast their votes on a variety of races and proposals. The issues for voters differed Jiawen Zhen said that he was concerned about…

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A sign that says 'Vote Here' on a sidewalk.

Micron Deal Lures Residents to the Polls in Clay

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden was in Central New York to speak about the future of Clay: Micron. This week, Clay residents are casting their votes on Election Day regarding the future of their town that is soon to house Micron.

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Ramada Hotel

Voter: Deciding Congress’s Balance of Power

Liverpool, N.Y. (DIA) – The 2022 midterm elections kick off today with individuals voting at polling places across the country. The elections consist of races for U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and more positions in other states. This is considered one of more important election days in recent history as the final results can change the balance…

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Voters go to the polls in North Syracuse

Voters in North Syracuse go to the polls

(NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y.) Voters across New York state traveled to their respective polling places this morning to cast their ballots in the midterm elections.  North Syracuse residents such as Nancy Mack even brought along her grandchildren to show them America’s system of democracy. “I think it’s important for everyone to go out there and vote,”…

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A brick building with cars in front of it.

Some Voters Go On Attack Against Campaign Attack Ads

Syracuse N.Y (DIA)- As the morning of election day swept over Syracuse, at the North Syracuse Community Center many people came to cast their ballots. But as they cast their votes, plenty of voters weren’t in agreement about how the candidates went about campaigning.   While voters were happy to exercise their privilege of voting,…

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Early Morning Voting Underway in Solvay

SYRACUSE, N.Y —  As polling locations around the city opened their doors this morning at 6:00 am, at the Solvay-Geddes Community Youth Center voters were up before the sun to cast their ballots. Members of the community were lined up before poll workers officially opened the doors, and more came within minutes, including voter Milton…

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