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Some Voters Go On Attack Against Campaign Attack Ads


Luke Backman: As political campaigns begin to come to a close and voting is underway, many voters have grown tired of the shots that candidates take at each other on the campaign trail. Democracy in Action’s Luke Backman has more with voters as they have become weary of the campaign strategy.

Backman: One staple of the voting season are attack ads candidates use on their opposition. Voters this morning at the North Syracuse Community Center like David Losito hope that there could be another way for politicians to get their point across.

David Losito: I just wish that the politicians would get to the point of saying lets just talk about the issues instead of trying to find some obscure thing to beat over the head of the candidates… their opposing candidates.

Backman: Voter Nancy Mack doesn’t tolerate the attacks, as she won’t listen to candidates when they go on the offense.

Nancy Mack: Well it’s terrible, I don’t like to vote for people who attack other people and all the commercials I think it’s a waste of their money. And all the ads in the mail, I just throw them out, I don’t even bother.

Backman: As the polls wrap up and votes are tallied, it will be seen whether or not the strategy of the aggressive ads work in favor for the candidates.

For Democracy in Action, I’m Luke Backman.

Syracuse N.Y (DIA)- As the morning of election day swept over Syracuse, at the North Syracuse Community Center many people came to cast their ballots. But as they cast their votes, plenty of voters weren’t in agreement about how the candidates went about campaigning.


While voters were happy to exercise their privilege of voting, they didn’t agree with the strategy in which campaigns aggressively attacked each other. Whether it be with commercials or speaking poor of their competitors, politicians all over have engaged in these attacks.


Linda White who votes in every election says blatantly that she thinks the climate of the political world with these attack ads are “terrible.” She says that she doesn’t care what party anybody is “violence is never the answer.”


Other voters share the same sentiment as White, David Losito simply wishes that politicians can get to a point where they can just talk about issues, instead of bashing each other.


As Nancy Mack who brought her grandchildren to vote with her, she also believes the attacks are pointless and a waste of candidate’s money. She doesn’t like the example it sends to the younger generation and hopes that it can change.


As voters continued to file into the Community Center to make their voice heard many hope that in the coming elections politicians can be more civil with one another, and not have to attack each other to try and win votes.