2022 Election

Voting Is a Family Affair

SYRACUSE N.Y. (DIA) – As voters flock to the polls across the country today, not everyone is here to cast a ballot.

Ashley Rewakowski, a Syracuse resident and small business owner, brought her 12-year-old son with her to vote.

Though she says her son has “the luxury of not having an opinion,” Rewakowski has made a special effort to include her son on election day.

Rewakowski said her parents brought her to the polls when she was growing up, even celebrating her 18th birthday by taking her to get registered to vote.

She thinks that exposing her son to the election process early will better prepare him to participate in elections when he’s old enough.

“We’re trying to instill that in him. I’m hoping it’ll take up some space alongside Pokémon trivia, but we’ll see in a couple years”.