Kids At The Polls

Minority Voters: Present and Future

Written by Ramon Hernandez, BDJ 664.02

Voters of the 13th, 14th and 15th districts came to Nottingham High School Tuesday to cast their votes in the Midterm Elections. Former democratic mayoral candidate, Alfonso Davis, was one such voter. He said that coming to the polls to perform your civic duty is of the upmost importance, especially for minority voters. “I don’t […]

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Voters share the reasons behind their votes

Written by Darianny Abreu, BDJ 464.02

People were rushing by Danforth middle school this morning without letting the rainy weather, halt their efforts to make a change in congress. Danforth is one of the many polling places across the county where people can get the opportunity to vote in the midterm elections. People were stopping by before work to have their […]

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Woman stands outside of a library.

Local Minority Female Votes for First Time

Written by Michael Mulford, BDJ 464.02

Syracuse voters flocked to the Hazard Branch Library on November 6th to vote in the midterm elections. Maralicia Newton is a 19-year-old Onondaga Community College student who voted for the first time at the library.

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A sign reads "Vote Here" with an arrow pointing toward the polling entrance. There is an American flag background on the sign.

Voters in Syracuse’s Southside Encourage Everyone to Vote

Written by Meghan O'Brien, BDJ 464.02

Rain and wind couldn’t keep voters away from the polls today. Crowds of people whipped out their rain coats and umbrellas to vote in what one voter said is the most important midterm election since the Vietnam War. “This may be the most important election of my life and I think it is for a […]

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Blue and white voting booths are set up in a hallway. Double doors lead to tables of ballots and scanning machines.

Making Voting a Family Tradition

Written by Ally Heath, BDJ 464.02

Faith Heritage School was nearly empty at 7:30 a.m. on election day last year. This morning, there were lines to both pick up a ballot and to cast it on the electronic machines. Among those casting ballots were families looking to carry on a long-standing tradition.

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Voters stand in line to cast their votes at the Skaneateles Fire Hall.

Voters cast their ballots in Skaneateles

Written by Jaspreet Gill

Despite the cold, rainy morning, election inspectors John Gilly and Brad McLennon said voter turnout had been steady in the Village of Skaneateles. Voters turned to the Skaneateles Fire Hall and Presbyterian Church to cast their votes. Richard Lynch, an 80-year-old attorney with Milford, Lynch and Shannon, voted in favor of incumbent John Katko (R-24). […]

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