Kids At The Polls

First Time Voters Flock to Marshall Street Polls

SU students know Marshall Street as an enclave of campus action on campus, fit with eateries, bars, and apparel shops which make it the life of the area, especially on football gamedays. But a different kind of competition descended upon the street today, as Huntington Hall's polling place attracted numerous SU students to the ballot box.

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Voters wait in line at Hillsdale Work-Scholarship Connection.

Mother Teaches Son The Importance Of Voting

A 32-year-old mother brought her 9-year-old son to the voting poll today to teach him the importance of voting. Aisha Alavi-Curry wanted to provide Elyjah with the experience of voting, something her parents never did with her. She knows voting with be her son's responsibility one day and wants him to recognize the value early on.

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A red brick church building with white pillars and accents.

Election Day Offers a Chance to Teach Democracy

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Syracuse voters are out at the polls early on Election Day for many reasons. It is a great opportunity to teach the nation’s youth about the importance of voting and American democracy. Syracuse resident Justin Pritchard is taking advantage of the moment to show his son the importance of voting. Pritchard said, “I…

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