Kids At The Polls

Yearly Tradition: Father Brings Son to Voting Polls

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) –¬†Election Day in Onondaga County had many local positions up for grab this year. For one frequent voter, he believes voting every year is important for him and his son. Onondaga County resident Francis Zaryski has been living in the area for about 20 years and has voted every year since he…

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Dad in plaid shirt walking with young daughter and son through a door in to the polling place.

Families take to the polls on Election Day 2021

While young kids cannot vote in the 2021 elections, parents still choose to bring their children along to the polls. For two fathers, Kwame Fluker and Daniel Dingel, going to vote alongside their sons has become a family tradition. And while Fluker looks forward to the day his son Anderson can vote, Dingel shared that experience today with his college-age son Andrew.

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A family waits in line at the polling station in Liverpool.

Generational ties to democracy bring families to the polls

Whether voting together marked a long-time tradition or a way to teach their children about the importance of civic duty, the Liverpool School District Offices on Blackberry Street was somewhere community members, friends and families came together on election day.

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A polling place in a church where people are casting their votes.

Voters in Syracuse are Juggling Controversial Issues

In a country where division is growing, polarizing opinions come to the forefront. Voters in Syracuse are deciding what to prioritize in this year's election, especially with multiple propositions on the ballot, and a mayoral seat up for grabs.

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Poll Worker Talks to A Voter.

Residents Share Their Views On The Issues Facing Syracuse

Syracuse Residents Linda Abear and Cjala Surrat voted at the Bellevue Heights Methodist Church polling site. Linda Abear was joined with her two grandchildren, as she wanted to teach them how to vote. She said that the School District has failed to teach her grandchildren the right things, as she believes children are being indoctrinated by teachers. Cjala Surrat voiced concerns over poverty in the Syracuse area, including what to do with the population along I-81. She said that she voted to stand up and be a voice for them. Polls close at nine tonight.

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