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NYC Native First Time Voting In Syracuse

Written by Gabrielle Riles, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Barbara Hobdy is a new resident in Syracuse and she voted for the first time in the city at Transfiguration Catholic Church which is only a few blocks from where she lives. There wasn’t much foot traffic at the church voting location unlike her past experiences in New York City and […]

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Personal Circumstances Brings Voter to the Polls

Written by Jenna Elique, BDJ 364.03

Marcellus, N.Y. (NCC News) – One Marcellus parent decided to vote for reasons that stretched beyond politics. Days before the elections, voter Theresa Hamilton’s brother pasted away.  Her attendance at the polls was the first break she has had from crying the past couple of days. Hamilton said she came out to the polls because […]

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Personal Circumstances Bring Voter to the Polls

Written by Jenna Elique

Marcellus, N.Y. (NCC News) – The beginning of November marks the election season nationwide. One Marcellus parent decided to vote for reasons that stretched beyond politics. Days before the elections, voter Theresa Hamilton’s brother pasted away.  Her attendance at the polls was the first break she has had from crying the past couple of days. […]

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Balloons and tables set up for the 70th Anniversary of the Spaghetti Supper

Politicians Break Bread With Their Competition

Written by Michelle Knezovic, BDJ 664.02

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – Election Day is filled with candidates, campaigning and competition. In Syracuse it has been a tradition for the last 70 years to take a break from the busy day and stop for lunch. The Our Lady of Pompei School holds their annual Spaghetti Supper every Election Day. Tony Paris has been […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" on door.

Negative Ads Create Negative Results

Written by Tyler Carr, BDJ 311.01

With the County Executive position up for vote, Democratic Tony Malavenda has been questioning if Republican incumbent Ryan McMahon is fit for office in his campaign ads. On Election Day, some voters suggest that the negative ads are producing negative results for Malavenda.

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Polling station at WCNY TV station in Syracuse.

Central New York Voters Frustrated With Current Political Climate

Written by Bryan Hudnell, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The emotional fallout of the 2016 Presidential Election is still on the minds of central New York voters as they head to the polls for today’s Election Day. A portion of Central New York voters is dissatisfied with the current political climate under President Donald Trump. For voters like Helen Dewey, a […]

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Faith Heritage School Polling Place

Syracuse Poll Worker is no Rookie to Election Day

Written by Chiann Nobrega, BDJ 664.02

Elsie Singletary is a local election inspector who has been working at polling places for 15 years. She believes that voting is important because people are able to share their voice and express their human rights. Singletary comes back every year not only to assists with voters, but also because it is a way for her to meet people in the community.

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Elsie Singletary and voter

Poll Workers as the Unsung Heroes of Election Day

Written by Mackenzie Pearce, BDJ 311.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Election Day is in full swing this morning, especially at Faith Heritage School in Syracuse, where poll workers arrived at five this morning. While this job might be less than glamorous, it is essential to running a smooth election day. Elsie Singletary has been working at the Faith Heritage School […]

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Jackie Sadowski and Evelyn Disinger sit inside the entrace of the Erwin First United Methodist Church polling place.

United Methodist Women Continue Their Annual Election Day Bake Sale

Written by Jacy Cola, BDJ 311.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Today is election day in New York, and voters at Erwin First United Methodist Church were greeted by an assortment of baked goods and a friendly hello this morning. Jackie Sadowski and Evelyn Disinger of United Methodist Women sat in the entrance of the polling place, with a variety of […]

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Stormy Weather Not Stopping Record Turnout in Camillus

Written by Robert Flaks, BDJ 364.03

While heavy rain and violent winds were raging outside the St. Joseph’s Parish in Camillus this afternoon, voters were undeterred. A record breaking 800 voters showed up to cast their ballots by 1 p.m. said poll watcher Edward Heinrich. “I have to say I’ve been here since 6 o’clock, polls opened at 6:30 and it’s […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" on door.

For Liverpool Couple, Immigration and Healthcare Top Concerns on Election Day

Written by Hattie Lindert, NEW 305.3

On election day in Liverpool, Nilsa Mariano and Whittaker Duane cast their votes to support issues they consider central: for Mariano, immigration, and for Duane, healthcare. Although the 11 A.M. weather was less than ideal, the pair, alongside many others, were not deterred from coming to the Redeemer Evangelical Convent Church to exercise their rights.

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Blue and white voting booths are set up in a hallway. Double doors lead to tables of ballots and scanning machines.

Making Voting a Family Tradition

Written by Ally Heath, BDJ 464.02

Faith Heritage School was nearly empty at 7:30 a.m. on election day last year. This morning, there were lines to both pick up a ballot and to cast it on the electronic machines. Among those casting ballots were families looking to carry on a long-standing tradition.

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Why Voters Chose To Vote

Written by India Timpton, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N. Y. (Democracy in Action) – Around the county voters turned out to cast their ballots for candidates running for Syracuse mayor and on policy changes in Central New York. This year’s four finalists mayoral candidates were as diverse as the community the winner will represent. At the Elmcrest Student Center the voters presented […]

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Did Snowflakes Drive Away Voters in Syracuse?

Written by April Rink

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – There are some new faces mixed into the returning crowd at the P.E.A.C.E. Inc.’s Sumner Head Start polling place this year. While the polling place has received a fairly steady flow of voters for an off-year election, some are still concerned about low voter turnout. Carol Simson, a former […]

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Voters See Voting as a Civic Duty

Written by Tyler Dudley, BDJ 664.02

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – Election Day is here and citizens are coming out to vote at North Central Church in the northern suburbs of Syracuse. Poll workers were there starting at 4 a.m. to get everything in order before voters started piling in. Some voters came with their children, significant other, or […]

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A Father Hopes To Inspire His Son With A Family Tradition

Written by Emma Henzes, BDJ 364.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)- At the Hillside Work Scholarship Connection, 4-year-old Joseph Marrone fills a ballot bubble while sitting on his father’s lap. Anthony Marrone has been taking his son Joseph to the voting polls since he was 2 months old. “He was born in September and I think he voted in that primary […]

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Dedicated Voters, Turning Out For Change

Written by Joshua Horwitz, BDJ 364.01

The change in the air is palpable today especially at the Reformed Church of Syracuse on Teall Ave. Today is Election Day and change is on the way. Changes in positions like the mayoral race and changes regarding laws here in Syracuse and across New York. Many voters are turning out to affect change in their community.

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Voting Isn’t An Option, But Mandatory For Jennifer Piekly

Written by Kevin Van Pelt, MNO 617.2

For Jennifer Piekly, not voting was never an option for this year’s Syracuse elections.

Voting at the Huntington PreK-8 School in Eastwood Syracuse, Piekly says she never misses an election. The Syracuse native believes if you don’t vote you are doing a disservice to the city.

“If you vote, you get to help create change,” Piekly said.

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