The Jewish Community Center polling place today.

Voters Gather at the Jewish Community Center of Syracuse for Local Elections

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – It’s Election Day here in Syracuse and across the nation, and voters are hitting the polls today to vote in the local races. The Jewish Community Center in Syracuse is just one of many polling areas in Onondaga County. “Get out and vote every year,” Election Inspector Mark Strong said at the…

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Heather Brubaker standing in front of the Hillside Work Scholarship Connection Gym in Syracuse

Voters In Syracuse Return In Person For 2021 Election Day

Many voters in Onondaga County, and specifically the Syracuse area, decided to vote using absentee ballots during the 2020 Presidential Election due to COVID-19 concerns. Now, during the 2021 Syracuse General Election, more voters are going in person. Whether it is due to the location of the closest voting poll or the chance to show children how to vote, those who visited the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Gym on Election Day had different reasons as to why they decided to vote in person this year.

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Inside of the Onondaga Town Hall polling place. Voting booths in center and map of Onondaga voting districts on wall on the left.

Democracy in Actions Trains Next Generation of Journalists

Throughout Onondaga County today, students from the Newhouse School are training to become the next generation of political journalists. According to Professor Charlie Miller, exercising First Amendment rights to a free press are just as important as the civic duty to vote, and Democracy in Action coverage is a vital learning experience for students.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Some CNY voters choose in-person voting over other options

Solvay, N.Y. (DiA) —  The polls opened up this morning at 6 a.m. at the Solvay Geddes Youth Center. In this election, citizens will be voting for the mayor and a number of county legislators.  The center had a slow start, yet there were still eager voters here on the official election day despite the fact…

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A "Vote Here" sign sits just in front of Nottingham High School.

Teacher Informs Her Students The Impact Of Voting

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – The saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” On Election Day, those who flock to the polls could be anyone in the community, even your own teacher. Patricia Mullaney, a high school history teacher in Baldwinsville, was one of the first people to vote at Nottingham High School this morning. In…

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Jamesville-DeWitt High School on the morning of Election Day.

Poll worker in DeWitt details experiences

DEWITT, N.Y. (DiA) – It’s Election Day in Onondaga County.  Today, residents from all over the county head to the polls to cast their votes and elect new government at the municipal level and at the county level. However, the orderliness of the voting process would simply not be possible to attain without the hard work…

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