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North Syracuse Schools Closed for Election Day; Parents Bring Children to Polling Stations

Written by Olivia Johnson, BDJ 364.03

Schools in the Central New York area that are being used as voting stations for today’s elections are shut down, allowing many parents to bring their children along for the process. The parents who brought their children to the North Syracuse Central School District Voting location seemed to be in agreement that while it may be hard for children to understand specific details of elections, it is important for members of the younger generation to at least understand the importance of voting.

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Did Snowflakes Drive Away Voters in Syracuse?

Written by April Rink

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – There are some new faces mixed into the returning crowd at the P.E.A.C.E. Inc.’s Sumner Head Start polling place this year. While the polling place has received a fairly steady flow of voters for an off-year election, some are still concerned about low voter turnout. Carol Simson, a former […]

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Election Day Creates an Emotional Connection with Some Voters

Written by Timothy Collins, BDJ 364.01

Voters waited for the doors of Nottingham High School to open before the sun came up this morning to cast their vote in today’s election. Syracuse resident Jeff Fudesco explains what motivates him to head to the polls and what voting means to him.

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