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LaFayette Voters are Hopeful for Future Regardless of Election Outcome

Written by Remington Bennett, BDJ 464.01

LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)—As the day comes to an end, residents of Upstate New York joined the rest of the country in voting in the 2016 presidential race. Whether it’s by themselves or with their families, residents of LaFayette lined up to cast their vote as the final part of their work day. Regardless of […]

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Value of Democracy, Not Candidates, Brings Elderly Veterans to the Polls

Written by Aodhan Doyle, BDJ 364.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — On a beautiful Tuesday morning in Syracuse, an elderly African-American man in a United States Air Force hat used his cane to walk slowly up to the North Syracuse School District Offices to do something he’s done every four years since 1952. Hubert Robinson, 84, Syracuse, served in the […]

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CNY Voters Look Down-ballot For Choice

Written by Jacqueline Tenreiro, BDJ/NEW 530.01

At the North Central Church in Liverpool, New York, the voting line is nearly at the door. But that doesn’t mean the people in line are entirely enthusiastic about casting their votes.

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For one man, voting is a symbol of opportunity

Written by Nicholas Fathergill, BDJ 464.01

Cass Merrick of Syracuse was born in the deep South during the fight for civil rights. As a young African-American male, his parents strongly encouraged he and his siblings to be part of the solution by getting involved and voting. Now, at 61 years old, Merrick uses this motivation to surround himself with community initiatives and exercise his right at the ballot box.

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One Voter Wishes She Had an “I Voted” Token

Written by Jasmine Gomez, MNO 617.2

Helena Lamb, a survivor of sexual assault made it to the polls this morning to cast her vote for Hillary Clinton. After voting, Lamb was upset she did not get a sticker or button to proudly showcase she did her civic duty, but regardless she made sure her voice was heard on Election Day 2016.

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Voters, Not All Too Happy, Still Turnout To The Polls

Written by Nicole Dementri, BDJ 464.03

by Nicole DeMentri and Nicholas McGowan SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — Faith Heritage School, located on Midland Ave, opened its doors for voters as students got the day off.  Voters and their families started to show up in greater numbers as the day went on, but many expressed they could not wait to put […]

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Voters try to focus on policies, not candidate personas this election

Written by Rashika Jaipuriar, BDJ 364.01

POMPEY, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — Despite the novelty of this year’s presidential election, voters in upstate New York are finding a way to tune out the political “noise” and listen to their hearts. Mary Anne Silvernail, a high school teacher from Manlius, said although there was a lot of focus on candidate personalities, it comes down […]

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The Value of Voting

Written by Lena Pringle, BDJ 664.02

Out of the eligible 1200 voters in within Cicero district 5 and 6 only about 80 voters had shown up to one North Syracuse polling station by early afternoon today. Many residents faced confusion when trying to vote at this polling station due to the redistricting by the City months prior that changed the zoning area of this particular polling station. However, although the voter turn out was slow and low so far today, workers at this particular poll enjoy the interaction they get with other people while working. The chair of this poll station says that it is his favorite aspect of his job.

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Voting in Honor of His Mother and Civil Rights Movement

Written by Lindsey Horsting, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – Emmanuel Snipes was the second voter at the Southwest Community Center this morning.  He takes voting very seriously and he has many reasons to vote.  He was born in the 50s around the time of the Civil Rights Movement; his forefathers fought for equality and the right to vote […]

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Nottingham High School Polling Station Exposes Students to Voting Process

Written by Ellen Burr, BDJ 664.02

A poll worker and the principal at Nottingham High School both look to encourage Onondaga County’s younger generations to vote. With a poll station located in Nottingham High School’s auditorium, and with voters cycling in and out of the school all day, students are able to witness the election process firsthand.

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Syracuse Hopes For More Young Voters

Written by Nicholas McGowan

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy In Action) – Both the Huntington Elementary School and the Reformed Church of Syracuse had the same problem this morning as younger voters failed to come out in large numbers.  As pointed out by fellow Democracy In Action reporter Nicole Dementri, the Nottingham High School saw no young voters at all. A […]

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Odd Year Elections Lose Young Voters

Written by Jeffrey Slawson, BDJ 364.01

DEWITT, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — Voters began to trickle into Tecumseh Elementary School to vote in this year’s November 3rd election. While voting traffic slowly began to increase, younger voters represented a very small percentage of the turnout. In last year’s election only 58 percent of citizens between the ages of 18 – 24 voted, […]

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Poll Manager Gives Back to the Community

Written by Sophia Caraballo Pineiro, MNO 617.1

Emmanuel Nyema, who is originally from Liberia, is a first-time voting poll manager who sees his duty as a way to give back to his community and his country.

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Older Voters Kick Off Election Day 2015

Written by Nicholas Richardson, MNO 617.1

On a typical Tuesday morning at Nottingham High School, the first people to pass through its doors are students making their way through the metal detectors on their way to class. But on this particular Tuesday, the first ones crossing the threshold were there to place their vote for Election Day 2015.

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Syracuse candidates host Green Halloween

Written by Benjamin Wilson

SYRACUSE, New York (Oct. 30, 2015) — The Syracuse Green Party hosted its fourth annual Green Halloween Fundraiser at the Cosmopolitan on Fayette Street in Syracuse Oct. 30. Dressed as a peaceful Jedi councilor and yielding a green lightsaber, Frank Cetera, city council-district 2 candidate, delivered opening remarks to about 30 supporters in attendance. He […]

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Howard Hawkins runs for city auditor

Written by Benjamin Wilson, PHO 405.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Oct. 19, 2015) — Howard Hawkins, a Green Party member, officially announced his campaign for city auditor today during a press conference. He chose to make the announcement in from the of the ice rink in Clinton Square, claiming audits of the rink by the previous two city auditors did not appropriately focus […]

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