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iPad with voter signature for digital poll book.

New technology comes to Onondaga County elections

Written by Kallan Arkeder, BDJ 464.02

CAMILLUS, N.Y.(NCC NEWS)– Although it was a gloomy day in Onondaga county, some new technology lit up today’s election. Onondaga County Poll Inspector Gary says the use of iPads has made the elections a lot more efficient. “There is less paper on the desks, less chance of confusion and things like that,” said Gary. “I […]

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Polling station at WCNY TV station in Syracuse.

Central New York Voters Frustrated With Current Political Climate

Written by Bryan Hudnell, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The emotional fallout of the 2016 Presidential Election is still on the minds of central New York voters as they head to the polls for today’s Election Day. A portion of Central New York voters is dissatisfied with the current political climate under President Donald Trump. For voters like Helen Dewey, a […]

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Is Early Voting Too Early?

Written by Claire Chicchi, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — This year’s local elections in New York state featured a new way of voting. Residents of New York state had the option to participate in early voting, casting their ballots before November 5. While early voting seems like a proactive way to vote, some residents would rather show up directly to […]

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Student Looks to Continue Tradition After First Midterm Election

Written by Quentin Lehn, BDJ 311.01

Ryan Desko, a sophomore at Syracuse University, was able to cast his ballot for the first time in the Midterm elections at Fairmount Free Methodist Church, right across from where he went to Elementary School. With this being his second time voting, he felt much more comfortable in his surroundings. He says, “the first time […]

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Morning Rain Doesn’t Stop Voters at Tecumseh Elementary School

Written by Ashtyn Hiron, BDJ 664.01

Tecumseh Elementary School Voting People rolled into Tecumseh Elementary in DeWitt this morning to cast their vote in this years midterm elections. Since the early hours of the morning the rain came hard, but that didn’t stop people from flooding the polling booths. Mary Kelly has been voting for 50 years. She said that there […]

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A sign outside a polling place reading "Voting Enter Here."

Some Central New Yorkers Believe a Photo ID Should be Required to Vote

Written by Daniel Hatchett, BDJ 364.01

Requiring photo identification in order to vote has been a hot button issue across the nation for years and some Central New York voters would like to see that requirement here. Requiring a photo ID at the polls is on the ballot in several states across the nation today. It isn’t on the ballot in […]

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Changing Voter Attitudes in the Syracuse Mayoral Election

Written by Joann Li, BDJ 364.03

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – At P.E.A.C.E., Inc.’s Sumner School Head Start Program near the Syracuse University campus, voter attitudes are taking an interesting turn for this year’s election. According to Alicia Cobb, a returning ballot worker who recently graduated from R.I.T., this year’s less hectic atmosphere can be attributed to the fact that […]

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Fire Station Welcomes Voters On Election Day In Skaneateles

Written by Matthew Moyer, BDJ 364.01

Skaneateles, NY (Democracy in Action)– Today it is election day in Skaneateles and other Central New York communities. On this cold Tuesday morning a lot of people showed up to the Skaneateles fire station to cast their vote. Maralyn Mathis, who is 79 years old, came out to vote today like she does for every […]

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