Yearly Tradition: Father Brings Son to Voting Polls

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – Election Day in Onondaga County had many local positions up for grab this year. For one frequent voter, he believes voting every year is important for him and his son. Onondaga County resident Francis Zaryski has been living in the area for about 20 years and has voted every year since he…

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Dad in plaid shirt walking with young daughter and son through a door in to the polling place.

Families take to the polls on Election Day 2021

While young kids cannot vote in the 2021 elections, parents still choose to bring their children along to the polls. For two fathers, Kwame Fluker and Daniel Dingel, going to vote alongside their sons has become a family tradition. And while Fluker looks forward to the day his son Anderson can vote, Dingel shared that experience today with his college-age son Andrew.

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Syracuse Residents Voting In Person

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) — Turnout is expected to be lower this year because it’s not a presidential or gubernatorial election year. One of the biggest items on the ballot is the City of Syracuse mayor. This afternoon at the Syracuse University Huntington Hall located on Marshall Street the lines were short. The education center at Syracuse…

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Workers near tents waiting for cars to stop for their meals.

Syracuse Church Holds 72nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Election Day

Our Lady of Pompei Church in Syracuse, New York is running their annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser today on election day. For the second straight year, indoor dining is off limits, but curbside pickup and outdoor dining are options that customers can use. Election candidates will stop by to talk to the crowd and have themselves a stress-free moment away from all the election day issues. Many of the church staff, including Rev. Daniel Caruso, believe that this event can bridge the gap of anyone's differences on an election day that can bring about tension and stress. The staff has worked overtime to make sure they have enough meals to feed the local community and to make sure this 72nd annual event is the best one yet.

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Early morning voters motives at the polling places

The Pebble Hill Presbyterian  Church polling site welcomed a couple of first time voters on this election day. John Prince, a local to DeWitt, was literally first and even made it before the sun did. As for another local, Tommy Wildhack, it was his first time voting ever. The location made it very convenient for him because in the five minutes he had before high school, he was able to cross the street and vote.

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People in gymnasium standing and sitting.

Solvay Poll Workers Go the Extra Mile for Democracy

While voters only spend a few minutes casting their ballots on Election Day, poll workers at the Solvay-Geddes Community Youth Center are hard at work all day long. Poll inspector Patricia Blanchard and front desk worker Carl Libertone have served on Election Day for decades. Both individuals feel it is their civic duty to do these jobs and encourage Central New Yorkers to get out and vote on local issues.

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A "vote here" sign in the parking lot at the Reformed Church of Syracuse

Polling Station Workers Remain Optimistic Despite Slow Start to the Morning

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) — The polling site at the Reformed Church of Syracuse opened at 6 A.M. Polling site manager Jeff Unaitis says the turnout has not been overwhelming. “We’ve been consistently steady, but it is not the turnout you would see in a Congressional or Presidential race,” he said. Unaitis recalled a time last year,…

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