Person signs tablet in room at check-in tables.

Older residents cast votes before dawn, hope younger voters follow suit

Voters slowly but surely made their way into Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church in Dewitt this morning as polls for Onondaga County's 2021 local elections first opened. Residents, many of them older community members, expressed a deep commitment to showing up for local elections in the long times that they have lived in Onondaga County.

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Early morning voters motives at the polling places

The Pebble Hill Presbyterian  Church polling site welcomed a couple of first time voters on this election day. John Prince, a local to DeWitt, was literally first and even made it before the sun did. As for another local, Tommy Wildhack, it was his first time voting ever. The location made it very convenient for him because in the five minutes he had before high school, he was able to cross the street and vote.

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