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The polling place within the Baldwinsville Public Library

Lots Of U.S. Military Veterans Are Wearing Their Uniforms On Election Day

Baldwinsville, N.Y. (DiA) – Many U.S. veterans tend to wear their uniforms on election day.  John Cecil, Korean War veteran,  said he does it to show his pride for the country. “I wear it most of the time. I’m proud of our military and I’m very grateful I was able to serve in it,” said Cecil.…

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People in gymnasium standing and sitting.

Solvay Poll Workers Go the Extra Mile for Democracy

While voters only spend a few minutes casting their ballots on Election Day, poll workers at the Solvay-Geddes Community Youth Center are hard at work all day long. Poll inspector Patricia Blanchard and front desk worker Carl Libertone have served on Election Day for decades. Both individuals feel it is their civic duty to do these jobs and encourage Central New Yorkers to get out and vote on local issues.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Long-time CNY Voter Leads By Example

Election Day is well underway. As citizens arrive at the Camillus Fire Department poll-site, they’ve been reflecting on the importance of voting. Roman Szul, from Camillus, is more than passionate about voting.

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