Eastern Suburbs

Voter says this election will be “History in the making”

Written by Sarah Minkewicz, BDJ/NEW 530.01

  DEWITT, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – Many voters say that despite the results, this election is one to remember for year’s to come. “We’re voting for a women to run the United States for the first time, which is exciting,” said Maud White, who voted at Dewitt High School this morning. Voter Peter Ridley also […]

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Choosing the Best of the Worst

Written by Adam Friedman, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — “There is no reason not vote,” is what John Driscoll said as he was leaving the voting booth at Elmcrest Children’s Center in Syracuse. New York polls are open until 9 p.m. tonight but according to the head of the polling place at Elmcrest Children’s Center a lot of people voted in […]

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Small Kids, Big Voices

Written by Michala Rueter, BDJ 464.01

DeWitt, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)-Students from the Syracuse Hebrew Day School had a first-hand look at the voting process at the adjacent Jewish Community Center. They were shown everything from how to fill out a sample ballot, to the services available for those with disabilities. While most younger students may find the election uninteresting, these […]

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The Matilda Gage Home: The History Behind Election 2016

Written by Desiree Hurlbut, BDJ 464.03

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – With the possibility of the United States electing the first female president, many people are paying their respects to Susan B. Anthony in Rochester New York. Here in Fayetteville, people have been gathering at the home and grave site of Matilda Gage. Matilda Gage worked alongside Susan B. Anthony […]

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Heightened Security at Polling Places

Written by Rebekah Boulos, BDJ 464.01

DEWITT, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — There is heightened security today at the polls in hopes to keep voters safe.  The FBI is concerned with possible terrorist attacks this election day and has advised polling places to take extra precautions. At the Jewish Community Center in DeWitt there was a steady stream of voters and […]

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Manlius Residents Stress the Importance of Voting

Written by Kennedy Crenshaw, BDJ 464.01

Manlius N.Y. (Democracy in Action)– People started their morning off early at the polls at the Manlius Town Hall. Although this election has people jumping at the chance to vote, there was no line inside or outside of the Manlius Town Hall. Curiously the line stayed minimal even though poll worker Elizabeth Mahon explained that there […]

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Parents teach kids importance of voting in DeWitt

Written by Kathryn Shafsky, MNO 617.2

Parents in DeWitt brought their children to the polls this morning to teach them the importance of voting and civic responsibility. For some children, like Caitlin Seamans’ infant daughter and 2-year-old son, the democratic process started early.

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