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Election Day 2019

Onondaga County Residents Show up at the Polls

Written by D'Andre Henderson, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – This was the first year voters in New York had the option to vote early. In Onondaga County, 8,462 people choose this new alternative during the nine-day early voting period, according to the Board of Elections. Courtney Smith, an Onondaga County resident, said  she didn’t take advantage of the new option because she’s […]

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Amanda Albert

Syracuse Residents Influence Young Children to Vote

Written by Amanda Albert, BDJ 464.02

North Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — Voters have been flooding the polls all day to cast their votes in the 2019 Election. At the North Syracuse Central School building in North Syracuse, many voters are accompanied by young children. Parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents hope that bringing kids to the polls will influence them to […]

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Amanda Albert

Syracuse Residents Influence Young Children to Vote

Written by Amanda Albert, BDJ 364.02

North Syracuse, N.Y. — Voters have been flooding the polls all day to cast their votes in the 2019 Election. At the North Syracuse Central School building in North Syracuse, many voters are accompanied by young children. Parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents hope that bringing kids to the polls will influence them to vote in […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" on door.

Negative Ads Create Negative Results

Written by Tyler Carr, BDJ 311.01

With the County Executive position up for vote, Democratic Tony Malavenda has been questioning if Republican incumbent Ryan McMahon is fit for office in his campaign ads. On Election Day, some voters suggest that the negative ads are producing negative results for Malavenda.

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Polling station at WCNY TV station in Syracuse.

Central New York Voters Frustrated With Current Political Climate

Written by Bryan Hudnell, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The emotional fallout of the 2016 Presidential Election is still on the minds of central New York voters as they head to the polls for today’s Election Day. A portion of Central New York voters is dissatisfied with the current political climate under President Donald Trump. For voters like Helen Dewey, a […]

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Is Early Voting Too Early?

Written by Claire Chicchi, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — This year’s local elections in New York state featured a new way of voting. Residents of New York state had the option to participate in early voting, casting their ballots before November 5. While early voting seems like a proactive way to vote, some residents would rather show up directly to […]

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Voters at Erwin First United Methodist Church

Motivated Voters Brave the Rain to Vote in Westcott

Written by Erin Lyons, BDJ 364.03

  Syracuse, N.Y.- It was pouring rain outside the Erwin First United Methodist Church in Syracuse’s Westcott neighborhood, but voters of every age still braved the rain and cast their vote at the polling station. Near the polling station’s entrance, some voters on their way out stopped by a bake sale hosted by a church group, […]

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Student Looks to Continue Tradition After First Midterm Election

Written by Quentin Lehn, BDJ 311.01

Ryan Desko, a sophomore at Syracuse University, was able to cast his ballot for the first time in the Midterm elections at Fairmount Free Methodist Church, right across from where he went to Elementary School. With this being his second time voting, he felt much more comfortable in his surroundings. He says, “the first time […]

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Three white dividers with an American flag and the word "vote" printed on them sit on a table, where an elderly woman fills out her ballot.

DeWitt Residents Commit to a Lifetime of Voting

Written by Samantha Perkins, NEW 305.3

Both 51-year-old Michael Thomas and 22-year-old Sarah E. have voted in every election since they turned 18. They discuss what voting means to them and why other citizens should feel compelled to vote.

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Blue and white voting booths are set up in a hallway. Double doors lead to tables of ballots and scanning machines.

Making Voting a Family Tradition

Written by Ally Heath, BDJ 464.02

Faith Heritage School was nearly empty at 7:30 a.m. on election day last year. This morning, there were lines to both pick up a ballot and to cast it on the electronic machines. Among those casting ballots were families looking to carry on a long-standing tradition.

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A picture of the American flag with the word vote written underneath.

Why Central New York Citizens Are Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Written by Natalie Fahmy, BDJ 364.01

Voters in Central New York are coming out to the polls to be a voice in the 2018 midterm elections. One polling place people are going to vote this year is Tecumseh Elementary School, where people are voting for various reasons. One CNY citizen, Sharron Royce, said voting in the midterm elections is especially important […]

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Voters cast their ballots.

Early Bird Voters Show Concern About Millennial Turnout

Written by Dominick Muccilo, BDJ 664.02

Early bird voters at Nottingham High School expressed their concerns over the millennial vote and how that could play a factor for this election and future elections. Numbers are down across the board for millennial voting and the hope is that they will increase this year.

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Two women sitting one woman standing next to a table with baked goods

Church Bake Sale Raising Money on Election Day: It’s a Mission

Written by Daniel Loftus, BDJ 364.01

Sweet treats greet voters in Syracuse. At the Erwin First United Methodist Church polling place in Syracuse, the United Methodist Women’s group is holding a bake sale all day for voters passing by. Women from the group are running the stand all day as long as the baked goods last. The group is raising money […]

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Voters stand in line to cast their votes at the Skaneateles Fire Hall.

Voters cast their ballots in Skaneateles

Written by Jaspreet Gill

Despite the cold, rainy morning, election inspectors John Gilly and Brad McLennon said voter turnout had been steady in the Village of Skaneateles. Voters turned to the Skaneateles Fire Hall and Presbyterian Church to cast their votes. Richard Lynch, an 80-year-old attorney with Milford, Lynch and Shannon, voted in favor of incumbent John Katko (R-24). […]

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Supporters Celebrate Walsh’s Victory

Written by Jefferson Fenner, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Independent candidate Ben Walsh has won the election to become the 54th Mayor of Syracuse. On Tuesday, his supporters filled in the Marriott Downtown Syracuse to watch the numbers and listen to the future head of the city government. Walsh addressed the crowd thanking supporters and celebrated the victory.

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Did Snowflakes Drive Away Voters in Syracuse?

Written by April Rink

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – There are some new faces mixed into the returning crowd at the P.E.A.C.E. Inc.’s Sumner Head Start polling place this year. While the polling place has received a fairly steady flow of voters for an off-year election, some are still concerned about low voter turnout. Carol Simson, a former […]

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Voters See Voting as a Civic Duty

Written by Tyler Dudley, BDJ 664.02

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – Election Day is here and citizens are coming out to vote at North Central Church in the northern suburbs of Syracuse. Poll workers were there starting at 4 a.m. to get everything in order before voters started piling in. Some voters came with their children, significant other, or […]

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The People Behind the Signs

Written by Matt St. Jean, BDJ 664.02

You see them as you drive through an intersection. Rain, snow, sleet, these supporters are at intersections with smiles on their faces and hands waving. They have a desire to push democracy forward and encourage citizens to do the same.

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Poll Employees Find Reasons to Stay Engaged During Sporadic Voter Turnout

Written by Jason Herman, BDJ 364.01

Election Day is long. Especially while working at a poll site from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. But, to Voting System Specialists Cathy Alston and Bernadette Roberson, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the day. Whether making small talk with voters, talking with each other, or even just helping out during the voting process, sitting at the check-in desk for almost 15 hours proves to be worth it for Alston and Roberson.

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Election Day Creates an Emotional Connection with Some Voters

Written by Timothy Collins, BDJ 364.01

Voters waited for the doors of Nottingham High School to open before the sun came up this morning to cast their vote in today’s election. Syracuse resident Jeff Fudesco explains what motivates him to head to the polls and what voting means to him.

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Voting Isn’t An Option, But Mandatory For Jennifer Piekly

Written by Kevin Van Pelt, MNO 617.2

For Jennifer Piekly, not voting was never an option for this year’s Syracuse elections.

Voting at the Huntington PreK-8 School in Eastwood Syracuse, Piekly says she never misses an election. The Syracuse native believes if you don’t vote you are doing a disservice to the city.

“If you vote, you get to help create change,” Piekly said.

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