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Voters stand in line to cast their votes at the Skaneateles Fire Hall.

Voters cast their ballots in Skaneateles

Written by Jaspreet Gill

Despite the cold, rainy morning, election inspectors John Gilly and Brad McLennon said voter turnout had been steady in the Village of Skaneateles. Voters turned to the Skaneateles Fire Hall and Presbyterian Church to cast their votes. Richard Lynch, an 80-year-old attorney with Milford, Lynch and Shannon, voted in favor of incumbent John Katko (R-24). […]

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Fire Station Welcomes Voters On Election Day In Skaneateles

Written by Matthew Moyer, BDJ 364.01

Skaneateles, NY (Democracy in Action)– Today it is election day in Skaneateles and other Central New York communities. On this cold Tuesday morning a lot of people showed up to the Skaneateles fire station to cast their vote. Maralyn Mathis, who is 79 years old, came out to vote today like she does for every […]

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