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White cardboard with "Vote"

Close Proximity of Polling Stations in Minoa Confuse Some Voters

Written by Nick Ursini, BDJ 664.02

In the Village of Minoa, there were two polling stations with two minutes of each other. The Municipal Building and Saint Mary’s Parish welcomed a larger number of voters than poll workers anticipated. With the close proximity to one another, some voters were confused on which building they should go to cast their ballots.

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NYC Native First Time Voting In Syracuse

Written by Gabrielle Riles, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Barbara Hobdy is a new resident in Syracuse and she voted for the first time in the city at Transfiguration Catholic Church which is only a few blocks from where she lives. There wasn’t much foot traffic at the church voting location unlike her past experiences in New York City and […]

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Democracy in Action, The Story of One Poll Volunteer

Written by Joe Trently, BDJ 664.02

Election Day has arrived in Onondaga County. However, voters aren’t the only highlights of this day. Volunteers work around the clock in order to make this day run. Find out about one man, who has been doing this for 19 years.

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Amanda Albert

Syracuse Residents Influence Young Children to Vote

Written by Amanda Albert, BDJ 464.02

North Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — Voters have been flooding the polls all day to cast their votes in the 2019 Election. At the North Syracuse Central School building in North Syracuse, many voters are accompanied by young children. Parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents hope that bringing kids to the polls will influence them to […]

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Voters reflect on the importance of the suffrage movement

Written by Rebecca Lan, NEW 305.3

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (NCC News) – Most people say their sense of civic responsibility drives them to vote each year. For Lorraine Savidge, it is her ability to vote at all, that also motivates her. “Next year is the hundred year anniversary of women’s suffrage, 1920, they weren’t granted the vote, they were permitted,” Savidge said. She […]

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An "I Voted" Sticker handed out to voters after their ballots were submitted.

Every Vote Matters at the Huntington Hall Voting Station

Written by Joshua Schneider

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News)  Whether they be from the state of New York or not, students came in to register and make their vote count on a variety of issues and positions that impact their community. Local residents and students of Syracuse University have gathered at the School of Education’s Huntington Hall today to submit their […]

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Amanda Albert

Syracuse Residents Influence Young Children to Vote

Written by Amanda Albert, BDJ 364.02

North Syracuse, N.Y. — Voters have been flooding the polls all day to cast their votes in the 2019 Election. At the North Syracuse Central School building in North Syracuse, many voters are accompanied by young children. Parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents hope that bringing kids to the polls will influence them to vote in […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" on door.

Negative Ads Create Negative Results

Written by Tyler Carr, BDJ 311.01

With the County Executive position up for vote, Democratic Tony Malavenda has been questioning if Republican incumbent Ryan McMahon is fit for office in his campaign ads. On Election Day, some voters suggest that the negative ads are producing negative results for Malavenda.

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Voting sign outside of the WCNY TV station

Syracuse Voters Say Election Day is Different Now

Written by Chandler Plante, NEW 305.3

After the 2016 presidential election, Syracuse voters feel the political climate is changing, and so is the voting process itself. Nowadays, voting is quick and easy, thanks to new technological developments, but people still aren’t showing up to the polls. Syracuse citizens say it’s important, now more than ever, to get involved, stay politically active, and take a few minutes to vote.

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Polling station at WCNY TV station in Syracuse.

Central New York Voters Frustrated With Current Political Climate

Written by Bryan Hudnell, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The emotional fallout of the 2016 Presidential Election is still on the minds of central New York voters as they head to the polls for today’s Election Day. A portion of Central New York voters is dissatisfied with the current political climate under President Donald Trump. For voters like Helen Dewey, a […]

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Is Early Voting Too Early?

Written by Claire Chicchi, BDJ 311.01

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — This year’s local elections in New York state featured a new way of voting. Residents of New York state had the option to participate in early voting, casting their ballots before November 5. While early voting seems like a proactive way to vote, some residents would rather show up directly to […]

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People vote at Salina Town Hall.

The Importance of Voting

Written by Douglas Cortese, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Today is election day and people are going to the polls at a higher rate than last year, but less than presidential elections, said Martha Christiano, the polling place director at Salina Town Hall. She said it is important to vote and people who don’t have no right to complain. “When people don’t come out […]

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Voters share the reasons behind their votes

Written by Darianny Abreu, BDJ 464.02

People were rushing by Danforth middle school this morning without letting the rainy weather, halt their efforts to make a change in congress. Danforth is one of the many polling places across the county where people can get the opportunity to vote in the midterm elections. People were stopping by before work to have their […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" on door.

For Liverpool Couple, Immigration and Healthcare Top Concerns on Election Day

Written by Hattie Lindert, NEW 305.3

On election day in Liverpool, Nilsa Mariano and Whittaker Duane cast their votes to support issues they consider central: for Mariano, immigration, and for Duane, healthcare. Although the 11 A.M. weather was less than ideal, the pair, alongside many others, were not deterred from coming to the Redeemer Evangelical Convent Church to exercise their rights.

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Woman in red coat standing outside of a library

Two Fayetteville Women: Voting is Our Duty, and Fun

Written by Emily Kelly, NEW 305.3

Seasoned voters Kimberly Killian, 54, and Jessica McKinnis, 40, said voting at the Fayetteville Free Library in the midterm election was something they enjoyed. “I always feel very proud,” McKinnis said. “And excited, and I can’t wait to see results in the evening.” Killian has been voting for years, yet her family still plays an […]

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Salina Town Hall

Early Afternoon Voters Cast Ballots During Lunch Hour in Salina

Written by Michael Adzima, BDJ 464.02

After the wave of morning voters, poll workers at the Salina Town Hall were ready for the next rush of voters in the early afternoon. Several people filed in to cast their ballots while on lunch breaks from work, including some who made sure to come out this year even after not regularly voting every November.

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Young Voters Ready to Have an Impact

Written by Ryan Tabb

As the 2018 Midterms got underway, young voters were showing out in numbers at WCNY on Fayette Street in Syracuse, NY today. The message from them was clear – they wanted to see their voices heard and they wanted to see change in their local government. For many, this was about bridging the gap between […]

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A sign reads "Vote Here" with an arrow pointing toward the polling entrance. There is an American flag background on the sign.

Voters in Syracuse’s Southside Encourage Everyone to Vote

Written by Meghan O'Brien, BDJ 464.02

Rain and wind couldn’t keep voters away from the polls today. Crowds of people whipped out their rain coats and umbrellas to vote in what one voter said is the most important midterm election since the Vietnam War. “This may be the most important election of my life and I think it is for a […]

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Morning Rain Doesn’t Stop Voters at Tecumseh Elementary School

Written by Ashtyn Hiron, BDJ 664.01

Tecumseh Elementary School Voting People rolled into Tecumseh Elementary in DeWitt this morning to cast their vote in this years midterm elections. Since the early hours of the morning the rain came hard, but that didn’t stop people from flooding the polling booths. Mary Kelly has been voting for 50 years. She said that there […]

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Blue and white voting booths are set up in a hallway. Double doors lead to tables of ballots and scanning machines.

Making Voting a Family Tradition

Written by Ally Heath, BDJ 464.02

Faith Heritage School was nearly empty at 7:30 a.m. on election day last year. This morning, there were lines to both pick up a ballot and to cast it on the electronic machines. Among those casting ballots were families looking to carry on a long-standing tradition.

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The sign directing voters to head to the cafeteria inside the front door of Nottingham High School on East Genesee Street in Syracuse, New York.

Passionate Syracuse Voters Are Happy to Arrive Before Dawn

Written by Thomas Russo, BDJ 211.02

The sun may rise at 6:45 a.m. but the polls in Onondaga County open at 6:00 a.m. Despite the early hours, there are still many voters who come to the polls even before the doors open. These voters who arrive at Nottingham High School before anyone else are among the most passionate voters in the county. These are their stories.

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Baked goods on a table at a polling station

Sweet Treats at Central New York Polling Station

Written by Mateo Estling, BDJ 311.01, BDJ 364.01

Election day is one of the most important days of the year for some citizens, and many find it their civic duty to vote. But, that does not mean a little bit of fun can’t also be found at your local polling station. For voters at the Pompey Hill Fire Department in Central New York, […]

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Two women sitting one woman standing next to a table with baked goods

Church Bake Sale Raising Money on Election Day: It’s a Mission

Written by Daniel Loftus, BDJ 364.01

Sweet treats greet voters in Syracuse. At the Erwin First United Methodist Church polling place in Syracuse, the United Methodist Women’s group is holding a bake sale all day for voters passing by. Women from the group are running the stand all day as long as the baked goods last. The group is raising money […]

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Why Voters Chose To Vote

Written by India Timpton, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N. Y. (Democracy in Action) – Around the county voters turned out to cast their ballots for candidates running for Syracuse mayor and on policy changes in Central New York. This year’s four finalists mayoral candidates were as diverse as the community the winner will represent. At the Elmcrest Student Center the voters presented […]

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Supporters Celebrate Walsh’s Victory

Written by Jefferson Fenner, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Independent candidate Ben Walsh has won the election to become the 54th Mayor of Syracuse. On Tuesday, his supporters filled in the Marriott Downtown Syracuse to watch the numbers and listen to the future head of the city government. Walsh addressed the crowd thanking supporters and celebrated the victory.

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Voting For Change

Written by Jude Allume, BDJ 664.02

Election day has finally arrived after a long campaign that saw several candidates for mayor of Syracuse. The citizens of Syracuse showed up to vote in cold weather conditions in hopes of changing the city for the better.

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