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A government building in Tully used for the election.

Tully Keeps Voting Simple

NCC News Reporter Jared Johnston scoped out Tully, New York to figure out how the small town has an impact on a large city's mayoral election. Syracuse’s population is 150 times the size of Tully, a township with less 1,000 people in its area. Regardless, the citizens of Tully found it their responsibility to help contribute to Syracuse's political landscape.

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Early morning voters motives at the polling places

The Pebble Hill Presbyterian  Church polling site welcomed a couple of first time voters on this election day. John Prince, a local to DeWitt, was literally first and even made it before the sun did. As for another local, Tommy Wildhack, it was his first time voting ever. The location made it very convenient for him because in the five minutes he had before high school, he was able to cross the street and vote.

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Poll center in Pompey

Poll workers in Pompey seek community over politics

Though the polls in Pompey weren't too crowded, poll workers looked forward to seeing familiar faces and encouraged their friends and community members to engage in the voting and conversations that will define the politics of the small town for the upcoming years.

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