2022 election

Voters are having their voices to be heard this Tuesday

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)– The most important day in politics is here, Election Day 2022. With so many close races across Onondaga County voter turnout will be essential for every political party. Voter turnout is always a question every year, but this year some feel like this election is critical for the future of…

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Some Voters in Central New York Have Their Poll Center Changed This Year

SYRACUSE N.Y. (DIA) — Many voters in Central New York have had their voting places remain the same over the years, but this year things have changed. New Poll Centers for people, but they were never informed of this. This happened in the case of Josette Jackson-Burgos and her husband Walwyn Jackson, both Syracuse residents. “We…

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A view from in front of Lakeshore Baptist Church which served as a polling location today for people in Cicero. (C) Sammy St. Jean 2022

Election Day Brings Many CNY Kids To Learn

CICERO, N.Y. (DIA) — Onondaga county residents came out early and often to vote for the midterm election this year. At Lakeshore Baptist Church in Cicero people have been coming in since the polls opened at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. People came in to vote with their significant other, a friend and even their pets. Some…

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A voting booth with an American flag and blue text that says "vote"

CNY Seeing High Voter Turnout On Election Day

CLAY, N.Y. (DIA) – Hundreds of voters filed through the doors of the Clay Town Hall this morning to cast their vote in the 2022 midterm elections. Paco Valle, a 2022 midterm voting system specialist at the site, said he was surprised by the high turnout. “Most Midterms are very slow but this one is…

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Female voter smiling with sticker

Cicero Voters Focus on Abortion Rights, Economy

Female voters at the Cicero Town Hall spoke about reproductive rights and the economy as primary motivators to bring them to the polls for the 2022 midterm elections. The voter turnout in the northern Syracuse suburb was high Tuesday morning.

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A couple smiling next to a tree after voting.

Black Voters Express the Importance of Voting

Dozens of Syracuse residents came out to Elmcrest Children’s Center early Tuesday afternoon to exercise their civic duty. Many Black voters saw the imminent importance of voting and took to the polls to cast their ballots in hopes of making a change for their community.

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American Flag poster says "vote here" with an arrow pointing to the right.

Pompey Voters Not Affected by Campaign Ads

POMPEY, N.Y. (DIA) – Central New York voters have seen an uptick in campaign ads heading into the 2022 midterm elections.  According to the Federal Elections Commission, candidates in the NY-22 district have seen almost $100,000 more in campaign donations than the last election.  This has opened the door for more television campaigning. This morning, voters…

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A brick building with cars in front of it.

Some Voters Go On Attack Against Campaign Attack Ads

Syracuse N.Y (DIA)- As the morning of election day swept over Syracuse, at the North Syracuse Community Center many people came to cast their ballots. But as they cast their votes, plenty of voters weren’t in agreement about how the candidates went about campaigning.   While voters were happy to exercise their privilege of voting,…

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Democracy in Action 2019

Baldwinsville Voter Brings Grandchildren To The Polls

Baldwinsville, N.Y. (DIA) – The polling booths in America are flooded with people today as they vote in the 2022 midterm elections. No one quite understands the importance of voting like 80-year-old Diane Kiner, who voted in Baldwinsville this morning. Kiner has voted in every election since she was 18 — that’s over 60 years…

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Voters share personal motivations to cast their ballot

As soon as polls opened at 6 a.m., some voters had already lined up at Nottingham High School to cast their ballots. Other voters continued to arrive throughout the first two hours of polls being open. Though they cited different political issues as driving factors, each had a personal reason they made voting a priority.

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