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A government building in Tully used for the election.

Tully Keeps Voting Simple

NCC News Reporter Jared Johnston scoped out Tully, New York to figure out how the small town has an impact on a large city's mayoral election. Syracuse’s population is 150 times the size of Tully, a township with less 1,000 people in its area. Regardless, the citizens of Tully found it their responsibility to help contribute to Syracuse's political landscape.

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Voters line up at the Onondaga Town Hall to cast their votes on Election Day 2021

Voters in Town of Onondaga Cite Proposed Redistricting as Primary Concern

Early Tuesday morning, voter turnout was steady at the Onondaga Town Hall, where residents believe that participating in the democratic process is important. Many voters said that since they are unaffected by the city mayoral race, the hot topics on their mind this Election Day include proposed referendums involving redistricting and voter eligibility.

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Not many people are present during the middle of the day at the Marcellus Volunteer Fire Department.

Marcellus Polling Place Enduring Midday Lull

Election day in 2021 has many different sites open for people to stop in and vote. The Volunteer Fire Department in Marcellus is hosting voters throughout the day, but not many people are going to the poles in between lunch and dinner hours.

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Inside of the Onondaga Town Hall polling place. Voting booths in center and map of Onondaga voting districts on wall on the left.

Democracy in Actions Trains Next Generation of Journalists

Throughout Onondaga County today, students from the Newhouse School are training to become the next generation of political journalists. According to Professor Charlie Miller, exercising First Amendment rights to a free press are just as important as the civic duty to vote, and Democracy in Action coverage is a vital learning experience for students.

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Janet Aaron stands in front of at the polling at the Skaneateles Fire Department.

Voters are Going to the Polls With Various Motivations

Voters are going to the polls with different reasons. Families are using the time to go vote together, like they do every year. A candidate, Janet Aaron, also went to place her vote. She wanted to support her campaign and says Skaneateles Lake cleanup is a key issue.

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Inside of Pompey Town Hall

Pompey Town Hall’s Poll Manager Enjoys Helping People Vote

POMPEY, N.Y. (DiA) – Early this morning people trickled into polling stations for the day’s election. After eleven years and a pandemic, Beth Mahon continued her role as poll manager at Pompey Town Hall. “It’s my part that I can do for this public service and I enjoy doing it. I’ve always wanted to do it…

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Poll center in Pompey

Poll workers in Pompey seek community over politics

Though the polls in Pompey weren't too crowded, poll workers looked forward to seeing familiar faces and encouraged their friends and community members to engage in the voting and conversations that will define the politics of the small town for the upcoming years.

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