Northern Suburbs

Voters sign in at polling place.

Cicero Voters Say This Year’s Election Has a Different Feel

Written by James Hilepo, BDJ 464.02

CICERO, N.Y. —┬áTo many voters, this Election Day doesn’t feel like just another year at the polls. Voters at Cicero Elementary School, like retired resident Ramona Wheeler, are feeling a deep sense of urgency. “I do, I do. I think that because so many people are getting involved, more so than I can ever remember, […]

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People vote at Salina Town Hall.

The Importance of Voting

Written by Douglas Cortese, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Today is election day and people are going to the polls at a higher rate than last year, but less than presidential elections, said Martha Christiano, the polling place director at Salina Town Hall. She said it is important to vote and people who don’t have no right to complain. “When people don’t come out […]

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Sign that says "Election Day Polling Place" on door.

For Liverpool Couple, Immigration and Healthcare Top Concerns on Election Day

Written by Hattie Lindert, NEW 305.3

On election day in Liverpool, Nilsa Mariano and Whittaker Duane cast their votes to support issues they consider central: for Mariano, immigration, and for Duane, healthcare. Although the 11 A.M. weather was less than ideal, the pair, alongside many others, were not deterred from coming to the Redeemer Evangelical Convent Church to exercise their rights.

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Picture of sample ballot

Central New York Hitting The Polls Early

Written by Tamar Turner, BDJ 664.02

Midterm elections have started and Central New York residents are taking to the polls to cast their votes. Polling places across the community opened as early as 6 a.m. and residents were lined up everywhere to ensure their voices are heard. While some are concerned about issues like health care and social security, others simply […]

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Salina Town Hall

Early Afternoon Voters Cast Ballots During Lunch Hour in Salina

Written by Michael Adzima, BDJ 464.02

After the wave of morning voters, poll workers at the Salina Town Hall were ready for the next rush of voters in the early afternoon. Several people filed in to cast their ballots while on lunch breaks from work, including some who made sure to come out this year even after not regularly voting every November.

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Dana Balter Yard Sign

CNY Political Yard Signs: Could They Impact the 2018 Election?

Written by Gregory Bradbury, BDJ 364.01

It is Election Day 2018! One political science professor at Syracuse University is taking a look at the race in the 24th Congressional District through yard signs. Democracy in Action’s Greg Bradbury explains out how he thinks these could play a role in the race between John Katko and Dana Balter.

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