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Front entrance to the Fayetteville Free Library

Longtime Poll Worker Celebrates 14 Years Volunteering

Hundreds of people volunteer to work at the pools each year, but not all continue to volunteer year after year. Victor Sawenko began working at the polls in the 2008 presidential election, and has never stopped. He enjoys the activity, and it gives him something to do and look forward to each November.

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Dad in plaid shirt walking with young daughter and son through a door in to the polling place.

Families take to the polls on Election Day 2021

While young kids cannot vote in the 2021 elections, parents still choose to bring their children along to the polls. For two fathers, Kwame Fluker and Daniel Dingel, going to vote alongside their sons has become a family tradition. And while Fluker looks forward to the day his son Anderson can vote, Dingel shared that experience today with his college-age son Andrew.

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Manlius polling site

Political Engagement on the Rise in Manlius

Manlius resident Dennis Fernando would agree with the famous saying that “all politics is local.” “Everything starts locally,” said Fernando, who voted Tuesday evening at the Manlius Village Centre polling site. “Change has to start from there in order for us to kind of move forward with bigger issues at hand.” Fernando campaigned for Katelyn…

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"I voted" sticker for after you place your ballot.

Dewitt Town Hall Seeing Slow but Steady Voter Turnout

DEWITT, N.Y. – (DiA) – The Dewitt Town Hall is one of over dozens 150 polling places in Onondaga County. The town hall has been seeing a slow, but steady stream of voters since opening its doors. Site manager, Timothy Bahia, says there have been a little over 100 ballots logged as of noon today. He…

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Person signs tablet in room at check-in tables.

Older residents cast votes before dawn, hope younger voters follow suit

Voters slowly but surely made their way into Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church in Dewitt this morning as polls for Onondaga County's 2021 local elections first opened. Residents, many of them older community members, expressed a deep commitment to showing up for local elections in the long times that they have lived in Onondaga County.

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Polling Place

Longtime Voter Has A Message For Hesitant People

DEWITT, N.Y. (DiA)- The polls are open in Central New York today, and voters are making their way over to booths to cast their votes. Many critical races are happening on this year’s ballots; the biggest one is the Syracuse mayoral race. Local and state elections typically end up with lower voter turnout. However, Donna Miller,…

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Jamesville-DeWitt High School on the morning of Election Day.

Poll worker in DeWitt details experiences

DEWITT, N.Y. (DiA) – It’s Election Day in Onondaga County.  Today, residents from all over the county head to the polls to cast their votes and elect new government at the municipal level and at the county level. However, the orderliness of the voting process would simply not be possible to attain without the hard work…

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