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Manlius, Fayetteville, East Syracuse, Jamesville, DeWitt

Guy walks to building to vote

Iranian-American Highlights Opportunity As His Reason for Voting

At a polling site in East Syracuse, Farzad Sarmast, who was born in Iran but naturalized over a decade later as a U.S. citizen, casted his ballot for the 2020 Presidential Election. He highlighted the privilege to vote in a democracy-based country as a big contributor for his reason to vote. Sarmast spoke on the unfair system in Iran and touched on why he thinks youth in the U.S. are more inclined to vote.

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Early Voter Turnout Low, But Voters Emphasize Desire to Make Change

DEWITT, N.Y. (NCC News) –¬†Onondaga County voters have spoken. And they have spoken early. Thirty-six percent of voters have already cast their ballots. That is the most early voting in Onondaga County history (they began collecting data in 1996). With 308,296 people registered to vote in the county, officials believe about 200,000 people could vote…

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