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First Time Voters Flock to Marshall Street Polls

SU students know Marshall Street as an enclave of campus action on campus, fit with eateries, bars, and apparel shops which make it the life of the area, especially on football gamedays. But a different kind of competition descended upon the street today, as Huntington Hall's polling place attracted numerous SU students to the ballot box.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Eli Lesser, 20, Syracuse University student – “Why I Vote”

Eli Lesser, 20, a sophomore at Syracuse University, poses for a picture in a classroom on the fourth floor of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Lesser, from Los Angeles, CA, will be voting for the second time ever this November. “I’m going to go with what I believe what might be the right…

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Line forming at Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

Coming Together Through Conversations

Senior voter Christy Burns' first election was back in 1968. She has been coming ever since, and in the last few elections, she has noticed a similarity between the young voters now and back when she was a young voter. One of the things she noticed was being ostracised for having different views as a young person, something she can empathize with the people now.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Mia Cherfane, 19, Syracuse University student – “Why I Vote”

Mia Cherfane, 19, from Buffalo, NY, is voting for the first time in the United States after living in Beirut, Lebanon for much of her life. “I want a President who is going to be able to support what I believe in.” Cherfane said. Cherfane is a sophomore at Syracuse University studying Neuroscience. Photos by…

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Voters wait in line at Hillsdale Work-Scholarship Connection.

Mother Teaches Son The Importance Of Voting

A 32-year-old mother brought her 9-year-old son to the voting poll today to teach him the importance of voting. Aisha Alavi-Curry wanted to provide Elyjah with the experience of voting, something her parents never did with her. She knows voting with be her son's responsibility one day and wants him to recognize the value early on.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Liam Crowley, 20, Syracuse University student – “Why I Vote”

Liam Crowley, 20, a broadcast journalism student at Syracuse University, is seen working at the audio booth in preparation for CitrusTV’s election special. “It is my civic duty, it is my birthright,” he says when talking about the importance of voting. “I think it’s important that everyone has some sort of role.” Crowley is from…

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Democracy in Action 2019

Nicole Aponte, 19, Syracuse University student – “Why I Vote”

Nicole Aponte, 19, a broadcast journalism student at Syracuse University, is reporting for CitrusTV just hours before CitrusTV’s election special goes on-air for election night. “In the past four years, we’ve seen issues arise that could’ve been prevented. Now I have a say even if it’s just one vote,” she says. Aponte is from Long…

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An american flag with the word vote underneath in blue.

North Syracuse Voters Prefer Voting on Election Day

North Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – The number of early voters in Onondaga County this year hit record numbers, however, many voters in the county still opted to go out and vote on Election Day. Regardless, there are several obstacles for polling places to deal with. Some, like accommodating handicapped people, have always been present.…

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Mother and father on opposite sides of their son in polling station parking lot.

Local Teen Receives Gift Of Voting for 18th Birthday

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Azian Goodrich got a special gift for his 18th birthday: A ballot. Goodrich turned 18 on Election Day, making him eligible to vote this year in his first presidential election. Along with his excited parents and wearing a customized “I Voted” shirt, he cast his ballot at the Erwin First United…

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Sandwich board sign that reads "Vote Here" in yellow lettering over an American flag background.

Experienced Voters Describe 2020 As One Of Most Important Election Years Ever

As voters across Onondaga cast their ballots this Election Day, two experienced voters in Syracuse are stressing the importance of voting in this election. Mike DeAngelo and Mary Wallace, both of Eastwood, have been voting for over 30 years. They both place this year's presidential election towards the top of the list of the most important elections ever.

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Woman walks into Armond Magnarelli Community Center to vote on Election Day.

People of All Ages Make Time To Vote at McChesney Park in Syracuse

People of all ages cast their ballots at Armond Magnarelli Community Center at McChesney Park in Syracuse. The polls were active at lunch time. An 18-year-old and an 82-year-old both made time to vote, but for different reasons. An at-risk women said she needed to vote on Election Day despite the early and absentee voting.

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Polling station at WCNY TV station in Syracuse.

Low Voter Turnout at Syracuse WCNY Polling Site

It's been a record breaking year for mail-in and absentee ballots as citizens continue to take precaution against the corona virus this election day. Due to this and some unforeseen circumstances, polling sites like WCNY in Syracuse has seen an unusual low number of in-person voter turnout.

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The outside of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

Weather Not Expected to Lower CNY Voter Turnout Today

Syracuse University Political Science Professor Shana Gadarian said there is some evidence rain on Election Day will depress voter turnout. However, according to the National Weather Service, heavy rains are not expected in Central New York Today. Gadarian said since the skies are supposed to be clear, she does not believe the weather will prevent Central New York Voters from casting their ballots today.

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White cardboard with "Vote"

For Syracuse Voters, Today Isn’t just About the Presidential Election

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  The presidential election may be getting most of the coverage nationally, but here in Syracuse residents are encouraging their fellow voters to pay more attention to the local elections taking place. Sam Gruber was holding a sign promoting a local candidate outside of the Reformed Church of Syracuse. His reason? “I’m…

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The Election Day Experience of a Campaign Worker

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – Today is a big day for everyone in this country, but it’s even more stressful for Strathmore resident Christina Whiteside. She is one of the field organizers for State Senator Rachel May’s re-election campaign. Whiteside was up early this morning, showing up to her polling place at 6 a.m. to hold up…

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A red brick church building with white pillars and accents.

Election Day Offers a Chance to Teach Democracy

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Syracuse voters are out at the polls early on Election Day for many reasons. It is a great opportunity to teach the nation’s youth about the importance of voting and American democracy. Syracuse resident Justin Pritchard is taking advantage of the moment to show his son the importance of voting. Pritchard said, “I…

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Morning Voters Want Voices Heard

Early morning voters came to Nottingham high school at 6 a.m. The voters were ready to cast their ballot with their community as well as have their voices heard. For some voters this election carried more weight than in previous elections.

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A Vote Here sign in front of Nottingham High School.

Despite Early Voting Records CNY Polls are Still Packed

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- Onondaga County has had a record number of early voters for the 2020 election. Between early and absentee voting over 100,000 people in the county have already had their voices heard. But, when the polls opened this morning for election day there was already a line starting to wrap around the…

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