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Democracy in Action 2019

Public Safety is a Main Concern for Syracuse Voters

SALINA, NY (DiA) –Voters at the polls in Syracuse have public safety on their minds. The current uptick in violent crime across the country during the pandemic has made policing one of the issues on voter’s mind’s in this election. Lincare resident David Kearny doesn’t expect incumbents to lose their seats because of it, but he…

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The Jewish Community Center polling place today.

Voters Gather at the Jewish Community Center of Syracuse for Local Elections

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – It’s Election Day here in Syracuse and across the nation, and voters are hitting the polls today to vote in the local races. The Jewish Community Center in Syracuse is just one of many polling areas in Onondaga County. “Get out and vote every year,” Election Inspector Mark Strong said at the…

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WCNY Polling Site

Women’s Right to Vote Reflection

Syracuse, N.Y. (DiA) – Election Day is giving many voters a chance to cast their ballots and have a voice. Although women didn’t always have the voice they have today. Suzanne Cucola, a poll site manager at the WCNY voting center, believes women should be voting, even though this is a smaller election. The fight for…

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Syracuse Residents Voting In Person

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) — Turnout is expected to be lower this year because it’s not a presidential or gubernatorial election year. One of the biggest items on the ballot is the City of Syracuse mayor. This afternoon at the Syracuse University Huntington Hall located on Marshall Street the lines were short. The education center at Syracuse…

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Ross Tower Polling site

Votes Up for Grabs in the Closely Divided 6th Ward

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – If Ben Walsh succeeds in winning his second term as Syracuse mayor today, it will be because he attracted voters away from Khalid Bey, the Democratic candidate. That’s because more than 41,500 of Syracuse’s approximately 73,700 voters are registered as Democrats. Ross Towers, the sole polling place for the city’s sixth ward…

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Workers near tents waiting for cars to stop for their meals.

Syracuse Church Holds 72nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Election Day

Our Lady of Pompei Church in Syracuse, New York is running their annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser today on election day. For the second straight year, indoor dining is off limits, but curbside pickup and outdoor dining are options that customers can use. Election candidates will stop by to talk to the crowd and have themselves a stress-free moment away from all the election day issues. Many of the church staff, including Rev. Daniel Caruso, believe that this event can bridge the gap of anyone's differences on an election day that can bring about tension and stress. The staff has worked overtime to make sure they have enough meals to feed the local community and to make sure this 72nd annual event is the best one yet.

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Voting sign outside out Bellevue Heights United Methodist Church

Syracuse Voters are Eager to Cast Their Ballots

Syracuse voters are eager to cast their ballots. Emad Rahim came to the United States as a refugee. Back in his home country of Cambodia, voting wasn't allowed under the Khmer Rough communist regime. Now that he's able to vote, Rahim wants to take full advantage of his right to vote. Cjala Surratt, Rahim's wife, appreciates the sacrifices previous generations made to fight for her right to vote.

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A polling place in a church where people are casting their votes.

Voters in Syracuse are Juggling Controversial Issues

In a country where division is growing, polarizing opinions come to the forefront. Voters in Syracuse are deciding what to prioritize in this year's election, especially with multiple propositions on the ballot, and a mayoral seat up for grabs.

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Poll Worker Talks to A Voter.

Residents Share Their Views On The Issues Facing Syracuse

Syracuse Residents Linda Abear and Cjala Surrat voted at the Bellevue Heights Methodist Church polling site. Linda Abear was joined with her two grandchildren, as she wanted to teach them how to vote. She said that the School District has failed to teach her grandchildren the right things, as she believes children are being indoctrinated by teachers. Cjala Surrat voiced concerns over poverty in the Syracuse area, including what to do with the population along I-81. She said that she voted to stand up and be a voice for them. Polls close at nine tonight.

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A "Vote Here" sign sits just in front of Nottingham High School.

Teacher Informs Her Students The Impact Of Voting

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – The saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” On Election Day, those who flock to the polls could be anyone in the community, even your own teacher. Patricia Mullaney, a high school history teacher in Baldwinsville, was one of the first people to vote at Nottingham High School this morning. In…

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A Vote Here sign welcomes voters from across Onondaga County at Nottingham High School, a polling place in Syracuse.

Commitment to Democracy Holds True in Local Election

Local voters arrive at the polls starting at 6am on Election Day. Most early birds come to the polls to beat the lines before work, but for one local Central New York couple, election day means much more. It's a cherished tradition the Bostwick couple has in their commitment to Democracy. They said they voted in every election since they can remember, and have a message for those staying home today.

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Democracy in Action 2019

Early Voting Might Lead to a Slow Election Day

Syracuse, NY (DiA) – Kate Saufley, a poll worker at People’s Equal Action and Community Effort on Basset Street, is excited to work the polls today but does not think it will be busy due to early voting. Saufley, who is in her second year of poll working, felt that it was her civic duty to…

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Photo of COVID-19 guidelines being enforced at the poll

Poll Workers Help To Keep Democracy Going Strong

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – Voters have come to the polls early this morning at the Blessed Sacrament School in Syracuse. Many voters went bright and early as they believe voting is important in our society. Syracuse resident Tracy Murphy says voting is extra important as at the moment the “country is divided and everyone should…

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