LeMoyne College student explains why youth voting is so crucial.James Kattato

Northern Suburbs

Youth Voters have Increased Turnout in Local Election


James Kattato- According to census dot gov, the 18 to 24 year old age demographic had the lowest voting turnout during last year’s presidential election. This year, county officials are saying that Syracuse’s local elections are seeing more of the youth cast their ballot. Lemoyne college junior, Chris Seubert is 20 years old.. he says as younger people start to grow up, it’s something they should think about. 

Chris Seubert – I think it’s very important because especially being in college you’re starting to become a more involved member of the community. 

James Kattato- Now Seubert reiterated multiple times in our conversation how important it is for the youth to get out and vote. But it’s not just him, it’s his friend group at le moyne college. They keep up with news, they keep up with tabs because they want to make a difference for their future.

Chris Seubert – we all go out and vote. all of us think it’s important to do.

James Kattato- Seubert says school’s he’s attended throughout all levels are stressing younger people to vote now more than ever when they’re eligible. He thinks that’ll make a difference for the future. 

Chris Seubert – people start doing more research in high school, college. the more younger people you get involved snowballs to more people coming out. 

James Kattato- Seubert says he hopes this changes the way people look at democracy for years to come. James Kattato… NCC News.

CICERO, N.Y. — In what was one of the largest voter-turnout elections in the country’s history, the lowest represented age demographic was still 18-24 years old. According to Census.gov, the highest representation at voting polls is mostly 50-and-above.

Chris Seubert wants that to change.

Seubert is a 20-year-old junior at Le Moyne College, and he says voting young is an important way to get involved in the community, plus he thinks it’s the right thing to do.

“We all are old enough to where we’re about to get jobs. If you’re a college student, it’s important to do it,” he said.

At Believers Chapel in Cicero, the voting turnout was larger than what poll workers expected. Poll-site Manager Bethany D’Alberto, said  she had seen a lot of newer, younger faces come into the polls today and it was refreshing to see.

Seubert believes this could be the beginning of a new wave in democracy. He says getting more youth voter turnout could permanently change the political system for the better.

“People start doing more research in high school, college. The more younger people you get involved, snowballs to more people coming out,” he said.