2019 Elections

Young voters take to the polls today to cast their vote

By Alex Peebles, BDJ 664.02

Published on November 5, 2019

Young voters take to the polls to cast their vote Video produced by (c) 2019 Alex Peebles.

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Maddison Apple:
I don’t think a lot of people our age are voting, ans I think they should

Alex Peebles:
Maddison Apple is 24-years-old and voted in just her second election today. Eventhough she has been old enough to vote for 6-years now she says it is difficult for people her age to vote.

I didnt vote when I was in college, I didnt have time to come back home when I was there.

Now that Apple has graduated and is back in the area she says she will continue to vote in these elections, and believes it is very important for the young generation as a whole to vote

We are given these rights to vote so we might as well take advantage of it, and we also have a lot to say at this age group compared to the older age group.

Apple hopes that more of the younger generation will come out to vote and also told me voting for the first time can be intimidating.


Every election marks a time when somebody gets to vote for the first time. I was lucky enough to run into a first time voter today and he is extremely grateful for the opportunity he has now that he is 18.

Paul Ellis:
It makes me feel like I am a part of the system now, and ya know it feels like youre a real adult and you vote for what you want.

Paul Ellis is an 18-year-old student attendng Onondaga Community College and was excited to cast his vote today. Ellis is a strong believer in his right to vote and encourages everyone his age to hit the polls.

Just gettin the word and makin it pronounced, and gettin on them, sayin did you vote? and if they said no, Hey gotta get out and vote

LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The first Tuesday after the first Monday of November marks Election Day across the country. Even though this year’s elections are for local government it is still a day where people can be heard and uphold their rights as United States citizens.

A polling station at the LaFayette Fire Department saw a slow and steady turnout today. But what polling station workers said they haven’t seen many of, are younger voters.

Maddison Apple participated in her second election this year even though she became old enough to vote six years ago. Apple said part of the reason she did not vote was because she was away at school.

“I didn’t vote when I was in college, I didn’t have time to come back home,” Apple said. “I don’t think a lot of people our age are voting, and I think they should.”

One voter however, is voting in his first election this year. Paul Ellis is 18 years old and attends Onondaga Community College. Ellis said his first experience voting was exciting.

“Makes me feel like I’m part of the system now,” Ellis said. “If you want something you have to vote for it.”

Ellis is a strong believer in his right to vote, and he holds all of his peers accountable.

“Getting on them, saying ‘Did you vote?’ And if they said no, ‘Hey you gotta get out and vote,’” Ellis said.

Ellis and Apple added they will continue to vote every year and feel they have a responsibility to cast their votes.