Election Day in Onondaga County allows father to bring son to the voting polls as a learning experience.(c) 2021 Katelyn McCarthy

2021 Elections

Yearly Tradition: Father Brings Son to Voting Polls


Franics Zaryski: “He comes every time. He enjoys it. He loves it. He put the ballot in today.” He rejected it. So I had to do it. But you come every year right?”

Reporter: “Onondaga County resident Francis Zaryski says he comes to vote every year, especially during local election years. Zaryski’s son, Carter, is only twelve years old and isn’t old enough to vote. But Zaryski still brings him to the polls and goes through the voting process, for when his son turns eighteen.”

Carter Zaryski: “He kind of teaches me how to vote and what everything means.”

Reporter: “Although Carter is underage, when he does become old enough to vote he will be ready to vote right here at Valley American Legion with his father.”

Francis Zaryski: “Here since I was eighteen years old, especially in local elections, because I feel like it has a great impact on myself and my family then national do.”

Reporter: “With this year’s elections deciding so much of our local government, Zaryski believes voting in this year’s poll is more important than previous national polls.
Zaryski focuses more on local polls, because he is more greatly effective by Onongada County than the nation as a whole.”

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (DiA) – Election Day in Onondaga County had many local positions up for grab this year. For one frequent voter, he believes voting every year is important for him and his son.

Onondaga County resident Francis Zaryski has been living in the area for about 20 years and has voted every year since he was 18. He  brings his son, Carter, with him every year to the polling site. Not only does Zaryski believe it is important to take advantage of the right to vote, his son also enjoys coming every year.

“He comes every time,” Zaryski said. “He enjoys it. He loves it. He put in the ballot today. He rejected it, so I had to do it. But he comes every year.”

Since Carter is only 12 years old, and still has to wait six more years to vote on his own, he enjoys learning from his dad and getting involved as much as he can.

“He kind of teaches me how to vote and what everything means,” Carter said.

Many polling stations saw less traffic this year compared to previous years when there was a presidential election. But Zaryski votes every November especially in local elections.

“I feel like it has a great impact on myself and my family then national do,” Zaryski said.

This year, Ben Walsh has the chance to be re-elected for the Mayor of Syracuse or could be replaced by the Democratic candidate, Khalid Bey or Republican Janet Burman.

“I’m really impressed with our local politics, especially during the pandemic,” Zaryski said. “I think our county executive and our mayor worked hand in hand to really try to control the spread and put us into a direction of some normalcy.

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