Poll Workers as the Unsung Heroes of Election Day

By Mackenzie Pearce, BDJ 311.01

Published on November 5, 2019
Elsie Singletary and voter

Elsie Singletary helping a community member get set up to vote. (c) Mackenzie Pearce 2019


Photos from election day at Faith Heritage School

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Reporter: For fifteen years Elsie Singletary, of Syracuse, has been volunteering her time as an election poll worker.

Elsie Singletary: It’s very important, for the young people to vote, for the old people, very important. Cause if we don’t vote, we don’t say nothing. You can’t say anything about something that you’re not doing. See so if you got have, if you wanna right you gotta respect your rights.

Reporter: But its more than just democracy at the polls for Singletary, she says what keeps her coming back are the friendships she’s made with her co-workers.

Elsie Singletary: Cause I love my Maureen over there, my girl, my best friend, me and her we started together. We work together for years, right there.

Reporter: Election day is all about two things for these poll workers: democracy and community. For more election day stories check out D-I-A dash C-N-Y dot S-Y-R dot E-D-U. For Democracy in Action I’m Mackenzie Pearce.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Election Day is in full swing this morning, especially at Faith Heritage School in Syracuse, where poll workers arrived at five this morning. While this job might be less than glamorous, it is essential to running a smooth election day.

Elsie Singletary has been working at the Faith Heritage School location for 15 years. She believes it is her civic duty to help out the community and exercise the right to vote.

“We have the right to vote, and we need to express it, and we need to come out and do this so we can have a say,”  Singletary said.

Singletary, a teaching assistant at Corcoran High School in the special education department, said her favorite part of working at the polls are the friends she’s made along the way.

“I love my Maureen over there, my girl, my best friend, me and her we started together,” said Singletary. “We worked together for years.”

She also said that it is vital that all the workers get along since it is a long day.

“Each year, there are some different people, and we have got to make it fun, cause all the time we be here together,” said Singletary.

Next time you’re at the polls, make sure to remember to thank these selfless workers for their time and dedication to democracy and community.