2019 Elections

Solvay Resident Finds A Whole New Meaning In Election Day

By Morgan Alexander, BDJ 664.02

Published on November 5, 2019
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Adelaide Silvia is a retired volunteer with the Solvay Geddes lady’s auxiliary. She says that she has been voting for too many years to count, and being a part of Election Day is something that she is extremely passionate about.


(“that’s what we are here we are America and that’s the land of the free and the brave and voting is a privilege and I believe that everyone should do that”)

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Silvia says that before she casts her ballot she is well educated on the candidates and what they bring to the table.


(“Read the newspapers I go online I go to political rallies and we did have the candidates come to our meeting and speak to us”)

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(“Silvia takes voting beyond just a civic duty she uses Election Day as a way to help children in the area”)

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Every year the women of the auxiliary put on a bake sale during Election Day. The proceeds of this sale go to the children’s programming in the village of Solvay. Silvia says that this sale is extremely important to the community.


(“we are very fortunate in this village to have a youth center many of the other areas in this community are not as fortunate to have a youth center that has all kinds of facilities for our youth from very young to the very old”)

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Silvia says that they do a very big business on Election Day but with Presidential elections coming up next year even more people will be stopping by then are today.

SOLVAY, N.Y. (NCC News) — For most people Election Day is a day where you go out and vote, but for Adelaide Silvia this day means a little bit more. Silvia is a volunteer for the Solvay Geddes Ladies Auxiliary. She votes almost every year and feels it is something every person should be doing.

“I feel that it is your civic duty to vote,” Silvia said.

In addition to voting on this day she also holds a bake sale at the polling site in Solvay. The goal of this bake sale is to provide money for the children’s program in the area. Solvay is at an advantage because it has a youth center. Many of the surrounding communities are not as fortunate that is why she feels this bake sale is necessary to help keep it open. It is a team effort to ensure there are enough baked goods for this sale as all of the members of the Auxiliary contributed by baking nights before the Election Day. This bake sale has cookies, cakes and pies, so when people finish voting they typically stop by and grab a treat on the way out.

The influence of her family is what drove Silvia to become part of this organization. She has been apart of it for many years now and has even been president of the Auxiliary in the past. The success of the bake sale she said can be directly related to the community that they are in.

“We are very proud of our village and our community here we are very fortunate to have the Village of Solvay,” Silvia said.

Having a bake sale during Election Day has allowed for them to raise a lot of money. She said that during these general elections they do a great business but when the presidential elections come up next year they will raise even more.

Election workers put up signs to direct voters. (c) 2019 Morgan Alexander