2019 Elections

NYC Native First Time Voting In Syracuse

By Gabrielle Riles, BDJ 664.02

Published on November 5, 2019

Democracy In Action Tuesday, November 5, 2019 Video produced by (c) 2019 Gabrielle Riles.

Show Video Transcript

Hobdy: There’s a crowd that’s unbelievable everywhere you go in New York City, here it’s quiet, it’s comfortable and it’s fast I haven’t been here 20 minutes.”)

Reporter: Barbara Hobdy says that she lives only two blocks away from the church which made voting there convenient for her.

Hobdy: “We didn’t have to wait, everything was prepared… it should’ve been like this a long time ago.”

Reporter: Hobdy says it was a process to learn about all of the candidates that are running for office in the area, so she had to do a lot of research.

Hobdy: “Read up on them, I watched TV, I listened to the debates, I listened to the commercials and I made my choice and hopefully it was the right one.”

Reporter: Every year, poll workers say about 300 people come here to cast their vote and they are expecting the same turnout today.”

Reporter: It wasn’t just Hobdy’s first time voting in Syracuse, it was also her grandson’s first time ever voting.

Hobdy: “I explained to him, his friends, everyone.. how important it is, your vote counts. We need to get started now, getting the young people out even in this election so we can get ready for the big election.”

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Barbara Hobdy is a new resident in Syracuse and she voted for the first time in the city at Transfiguration Catholic Church which is only a few blocks from where she lives. There wasn’t much foot traffic at the church voting location unlike her past experiences in New York City and she even had a shorter walk than usual.

“The other polls … I think it’s too many people and you were rushed and you know they didn’t explain to you what supposed to be done and how it’s supposed to be done,” Hobdy said. “This was really really easy.”

Because of this difference, Hobdy decided to bring her grandson along with her to vote and he even was able to register and vote since he is 18.

“I’m so excited to be with him for his first vote, yeah I’m really excited,” Hobdy said.

She explained that since they are new to the area she had to do additional research on all of the candidates. She said that she encouraged her grandson to learn more about all of the candidates as well.

Before Election Day Hobdy told her grandson, “do some research and watch TV, you can learn a lot from TV, their commercials and there’s ads, so I think he did.”

This year’s Election Day will be one to remember for her.

“This is more personal, just a totally different feel,” Hobdy said.

More than 850 people ran for 350 elected posts across Central New York. The polls closed at 9 p.m. Tuesday and the final results will be in by midnight.