2019 Elections

New Voter iPad Sign-In Gets Mixed Reviews

By Marsha Augustin, BDJ 664.02

Published on November 7, 2019

New Voter Sign In with Ipads Video produced by (c) 2019 Marsha Augustin.

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Jacqueline Frank who lives in Dewitt says she didn’t get the information about the new sign in process with the ipad but was happy she didn’t have to wait on a long line.

(Jacqueline Frank)

“I actually enjoyed it, because I was looking for a line to be here and I was surprised when we pulled up and there wasn’t a line so it was fast and quick.”


She says it’s also much easier

(Jacqueline Frank)

“It’s a lot simpler, because they still had to flip thorough pages and then you had to give them your ID.”


Frank says with this new sign in system in place.

(Jacqueline Frank)

“Now they ask to spell your name, they type it in on the tablet and they give you a slip and it was a lot quicker.”


She said it took her under a minute to sign in today.

(Jacqueline Frank)
“30 seconds maybe, compared to previously it took us 2-5 minutes because there was no lines of people waiting.”

There’s a new way voters can sign in on election day, and that’s with an Ipad. It pulls up voters information in 30 seconds.

However Delores Zupanic a 20 year veteran says it actually took her longer to sign in,
because once she did, she still had to go to two more stations before receiving her ballot.

(Delores Zupanic)

It’s just too much, you know, you gotta go through the computer, you gotta pull up your name, then you have to sign, then you have to move to the next person, you know, then to the next person, its just too many steps.

Voter Sign In Gets an Upgrade with Ipads

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – It’s Election Day and New York voters are casting their ballots. But there’s a new way to sign in before they can do that.

Some said it saves time, other said it’s a waste of time. The new sign in system before casting your vote at the polls does not require you show your ID and allows poll workers to pull up your information on the screen  in seconds verses the old school way of  flipping through pages to find your name.

Jacqueline Frank of Dewitt said, “before I had to wait for them to find my name and although the names were alphabetized in the book, the process to search for names page by page delayed voting.”  “You had to show them your ID then you have people in front of you and behind you waiting. “Now they just type your name in the tablet and give you a receipt to go to the next table to cast your vote.

Frank said, what use to take her two to five minutes now takes her 30 seconds to sign in.

Other voters like Delores Zupanic said, it actually takes longer signing in with the ipad. “It’s just too many steps, and for some people who have a disability and are in wheelchairs that are not able to stand for a long period of time, its just too much.”

Zupanic also said,  However, if this is going to make it fair to people and be able to count all the votes accurately, then it’s okay to spend a few extra minutes.