‘Every vote counts,’ in Small Town Elections

By Emma Pettersen, BDJ 464.02

Published on November 7, 2017

SKANEATELES, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)– There were no national candidates on the ballot this election day, but that didn’t stop residents in small towns across Onondaga County from turning out to vote. In Skaneateles, local resident Larry Pardee cast his vote at the Skaneateles Fire Station and said the polling place was busy for an off year.

“It’s probably a little bit more active than the average I would think,” Pardee said.

At 77 years old, Pardee has been voting for over 50 years and believes that the local vote has power.

“This is where one or two votes can make a difference down at this level. Cause you know, we’ll get maybe 1,500 people vote out here this year and a matter of a couple of votes can swing it one way or the other,” Pardee said.

Molly Elliott, a Skaneateles realtor, came out to vote because she was passionate about the town’s issues. Elliott said she did not consider this election an off-year because the vote for town board was too important.

“You had four people running for two spots and all four people have different thoughts and ideas. When it’s a municipal vote it’s really important to know everyone’s sides and what their views are because it really can make a difference on what gets approved and what doesn’t,” Elliott said.

Polling places across Onondaga Country will remain open until 9 tonight.