Here at the Pebble Hill Protestant Church, a lot of early birds came to get in their vote. Some voters a retired from work and some are casting their first vote!Gabby Sartori

2021 Elections

Early morning voters motives at the polling places


Sartori: Tuesday November 2nd kicks off election day here in the state of New York. voters will partake in a city wide general election to decide the outcome for several critical races. At the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church polling site for Onondaga county voter John Prince made sure to arrive before the sun did.

Prince: I like to be the first one to vote before it gets crowded  and its important to vote no matter what the outcome is.

Sartori: Other voters like Tommy Wildhack was ready to cast his vote five minutes before high school started. He has waited for this moment for a while now.

Wildhack : Ya, I mean this is the first year I am able to and I just think if you have that privilege you should do it. I think its an important civic duty in a sense. I have always looked forward to the day i am finally able to vote, so my first year I have been able to i am like you know what I am gonna go do it  right before school.

Sartori: Tommy Wildhack goes to school right across the street from the voting polls.

Sartori: You can head to to find a polling place near you.

Sartori: Reporting from the Pebble Hill Protestant Church, I am Gabby Sartori NCC News.

DeWitt, N.Y.(DIA) —  The morning started off slow at the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church polling site. Voter John Prince made sure he was the first one their, even before the sun showed up. Prince told reporters that he was up way before the polling site opened. Him and his husky had taken a five mile walk to warm up for election day. Prince practices his right to vote in every election he can.

Other first time voter Tommy Wildhack casted his vote out of excitement and convenience. Wildhack, having just turned 18 this year, is a first time voter. He explains that he has been waiting for this moment for a while now. He happened to pop into the polling site five-minutes before high school started, but luckily for him his commute was right across the street.

Others voters began to filter in as the day continued.