Bake Sale

A Slice of Democracy Pie

By Marco Chiang Moy, BDJ 311.01

Published on November 5, 2019

Gail Moreland (left) and Sandy Beglinger (Right) ready to sell their baked goods (C) 2019 Marco Chiang Moy


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Interview and wrap with Gail Moreland

Show Audio Transcript

Reporter: Gail Moreland and Sandy Beglinger are selling baked goods to raise money for the Pompey Historical Society

Gail Moreland: We have huge collections, and so we have our museum open – take people through, we also have schools visit. And we just preserve artifacts, preserve genealogy and family stories.

Reporter: It was a rainy morning in Pompey but Moreland doesn’t believe this will affect voter turnout or her sales.

Gail Moreland: When people are passionate about what they’re voting for, that doesn’t make – cause sometimes it’s snow too.

Reporter: Their most popular item at the bake sale?

Gale Moreland: Oh pies, pumpkin, apple.

Reporter: It was a bit of a slow start but she wasn’t discouraged.

Gail Moreland: They’ll be along, they’ll be along. So this’ll probably dribble in all day long as people come in for lunch and at night time if they haven’t voted yet.

Reporter: Moreland has been volunteering and running the bake sale for about 30 years. Marco Moy, N-C-C News.

Gail Moreland and Sandy Beglinger set up a stand for baked goods right outside the polls at Pompey Town Hall.

They were selling goods to raise money for the Pompey Historical Society which serves the community by preserving different artifacts, stories, and more.

Moreland has been volunteering for the society for about 30 years.

Some of the baked goods being sold included cookies, brownies, pies, and more.

All of the goods were homemade by members of the historical society.

According to Moreland, the pies always sell out the quickest.

The business started out slow to begin the day, but Moreland expects more buyers as the day continues.