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Manlius polls see large increase in voter turnout

Written by John Lamb, BDJ 464.5

The 2016 presidential election is underway and voter turnout at the Manlius Town Hall is far beyond the previous years. Larry Byrnes, a local poll worker and retired Fayetteville fire chief, says he’s never seen numbers like this before.

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Voters, Not All Too Happy, Still Turnout To The Polls

Written by Nicole Dementri, BDJ 464.03

by Nicole DeMentri and Nicholas McGowan SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — Faith Heritage School, located on Midland Ave, opened its doors for voters as students got the day off.  Voters and their families started to show up in greater numbers as the day went on, but many expressed they could not wait to put […]

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Mahoney Wins Re-election

Written by James McCann, PHO 405.02

Joanne Mahoney, Onondaga County Executive, thanks family, friends, and voters for their support during her re-election acceptance speech, Nov. 3, 2015 at Drumlins Country Club in Syracuse, N.Y. Mahoney was surrounded on-stage by friends and family as she thanked county citizens for re-electing her to a third term in office.

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