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Supporters Celebrate Walsh’s Victory

Written by Jefferson Fenner, BDJ 311.03, BDJ 364.03

Independent candidate Ben Walsh has won the election to become the 54th Mayor of Syracuse. On Tuesday, his supporters filled in the Marriott Downtown Syracuse to watch the numbers and listen to the future head of the city government. Walsh addressed the crowd thanking supporters and celebrated the victory.

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Huntington Hall: Change in venue creates confusion amongst voters

Written by Pulaha Roy

Syracuse, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – As Troy Gates entered Huntington Hall at Marshall Street to cast his ballot there was a small issue with his address which he had to sort out. “Probably there was some problem with my transition when I was moving from my earlier dormitory,” Gates said. Gates, a second time […]

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Voting Isn’t An Option, But Mandatory For Jennifer Piekly

Written by Kevin Van Pelt, MNO 617.2

For Jennifer Piekly, not voting was never an option for this year’s Syracuse elections.

Voting at the Huntington PreK-8 School in Eastwood Syracuse, Piekly says she never misses an election. The Syracuse native believes if you don’t vote you are doing a disservice to the city.

“If you vote, you get to help create change,” Piekly said.

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