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Voters Think This Election is One for the Books

Written by Kelsey Snider, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – Election day is usually a big day for this country and its voters, and this election is especially important because of the differences between two of the presidential candidates – Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D). A lot of voters think this election is one of the most important elections […]

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LaFayette Voters are Hopeful for Future Regardless of Election Outcome

Written by Remington Bennett, BDJ 464.01

LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)—As the day comes to an end, residents of Upstate New York joined the rest of the country in voting in the 2016 presidential race. Whether it’s by themselves or with their families, residents of LaFayette lined up to cast their vote as the final part of their work day. Regardless of […]

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Value of Democracy, Not Candidates, Brings Elderly Veterans to the Polls

Written by Aodhan Doyle, BDJ 364.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — On a beautiful Tuesday morning in Syracuse, an elderly African-American man in a United States Air Force hat used his cane to walk slowly up to the North Syracuse School District Offices to do something he’s done every four years since 1952. Hubert Robinson, 84, Syracuse, served in the […]

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CNY Voters Look Down-ballot For Choice

Written by Jacqueline Tenreiro, BDJ/NEW 530.01

At the North Central Church in Liverpool, New York, the voting line is nearly at the door. But that doesn’t mean the people in line are entirely enthusiastic about casting their votes.

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Voters? They’re Just Glad It’s Over

Written by Kristen Edwards, BDJ 530.01

Camillus voters said the election has caused issues within their families. Some choose to avoid discussing the election altogether while others do not speak at all. Most are happy that Election Day has come and hope the end of the presidential campaign means an end to the divisiveness.

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Plenty Of Firsts On This Election Day

Written by Emily Adelman, BDJ 364.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — It was a day of firsts for many people this Election Day.  Syracuse residents came and went from the polling station at Erwin First United Methodist Church on Euclid Avenue, many of them doing so for the first time. “Oh, it was fun,” Michelle Mugo said. Mugo became a citizen only four […]

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One Voter Wishes She Had an “I Voted” Token

Written by Jasmine Gomez, MNO 617.2

Helena Lamb, a survivor of sexual assault made it to the polls this morning to cast her vote for Hillary Clinton. After voting, Lamb was upset she did not get a sticker or button to proudly showcase she did her civic duty, but regardless she made sure her voice was heard on Election Day 2016.

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Voters try to focus on policies, not candidate personas this election

Written by Rashika Jaipuriar, BDJ 364.01

POMPEY, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — Despite the novelty of this year’s presidential election, voters in upstate New York are finding a way to tune out the political “noise” and listen to their hearts. Mary Anne Silvernail, a high school teacher from Manlius, said although there was a lot of focus on candidate personalities, it comes down […]

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