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Election Day Brings Excited Central New Yorkers to the Polls

Written by Keanu Haghighi, BDJ 664.02

It’s the first Tuesday in November which means its election day in America. After months of campaigning and millions of dollars being donated, both Democrats and Republicans are hoping for successful turnouts from their party members. Here in Central New York, people were up bright and early to exercise their right to vote as citizens. […]

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Shelves filled with books inside the Fayetteville Free Library.

Midterms have Primary-Like Turnout

Written by Daniel Booth, BDJ 664.02

The Fayetteville Free Library recorded a major increase in voter turnout for the 2018 midterm elections. Local citizens fighting support their beliefs and have their opinion heard. The increase in voter registration and voter turnout could be setting the stage for a more politically educated future.

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Chile Native to Syracuse Resident Votes

Written by Casey Buscher, BDJ 664.02

Early this morning, Central New York residents came in and out of the front doors of the¬†Solvay Geddes Community Youth Center.While some identified as members of the Democratic Party and others Republican, all were proud to exercise their right as American citizens to vote. One individual that took especial pride was Antonio Labbe, Assistant Manager […]

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A sign in front of the entrance to the Mundy Branch Library shows voters where to go.

Setting a Positive Example Drives Parents to Polls

Written by Daniel Harty, BDJ 364.03

Marjorie Graham approaches voting with this motto: “Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the progress.” For many Americans, voting is a right that is taken for granted. Some may even look at it as a hassle. In a time where people’s lives cease to pause, having to wake up early or make […]

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Surprising Voter Turnout in Camillus

Written by Frank DeLuca, BDJ 664.02

In Camillus, residents will not be able to vote for Mayor of Syracuse. Still, voters are showing up in surprising amounts and they appear to be focused on the issues on the back of the bill rather than the names on the front.

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The People Behind the Signs

Written by Matt St. Jean, BDJ 664.02

You see them as you drive through an intersection. Rain, snow, sleet, these supporters are at intersections with smiles on their faces and hands waving. They have a desire to push democracy forward and encourage citizens to do the same.

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Dedicated Voters, Turning Out For Change

Written by Joshua Horwitz, BDJ 364.01

The change in the air is palpable today especially at the Reformed Church of Syracuse on Teall Ave. Today is Election Day and change is on the way. Changes in positions like the mayoral race and changes regarding laws here in Syracuse and across New York. Many voters are turning out to affect change in their community.

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Voting Isn’t An Option, But Mandatory For Jennifer Piekly

Written by Kevin Van Pelt, MNO 617.2

For Jennifer Piekly, not voting was never an option for this year’s Syracuse elections.

Voting at the Huntington PreK-8 School in Eastwood Syracuse, Piekly says she never misses an election. The Syracuse native believes if you don’t vote you are doing a disservice to the city.

“If you vote, you get to help create change,” Piekly said.

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