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LaFayette Voters are Hopeful for Future Regardless of Election Outcome

Written by Remington Bennett, BDJ 464.01

LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)—As the day comes to an end, residents of Upstate New York joined the rest of the country in voting in the 2016 presidential race. Whether it’s by themselves or with their families, residents of LaFayette lined up to cast their vote as the final part of their work day. Regardless of […]

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Navy Veteran Urges People to Vote

Written by Dana Grey, BDJ 364.03

One former member of the Navy has only missed one election in his lifetime and he had a very good reason for his absence. Reverend Steve Walker has voted every opportunity he has gotten since he was 18, except once when he was serving our country.

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The Value of Voting

Written by Lena Pringle, BDJ 664.02

Out of the eligible 1200 voters in within Cicero district 5 and 6 only about 80 voters had shown up to one North Syracuse polling station by early afternoon today. Many residents faced confusion when trying to vote at this polling station due to the redistricting by the City months prior that changed the zoning area of this particular polling station. However, although the voter turn out was slow and low so far today, workers at this particular poll enjoy the interaction they get with other people while working. The chair of this poll station says that it is his favorite aspect of his job.

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Poll worker energizes voters in Onondaga County

Written by William Lea, BDJ 664.02

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)-Elsie Singletary is not your average poll worker. For one thing, she’s been helping on election days for 15 years. Every year she takes a personal day off of her normal job as a teacher’s assistant to help with polling. “I ask kids at my school who are 18 to register […]

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Syracuse Hopes For More Young Voters

Written by Nicholas McGowan

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy In Action) – Both the Huntington Elementary School and the Reformed Church of Syracuse had the same problem this morning as younger voters failed to come out in large numbers.  As pointed out by fellow Democracy In Action reporter Nicole Dementri, the Nottingham High School saw no young voters at all. A […]

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Paper ballots still frustrate some CNY voters

Written by Michala Rueter, BDJ 364.01

SYRACUSE, N.Y (Democracy in Action)– Reporter Michala Rueter was at the Huntington School this morning to get a closer look at the voting process for this year’s Onondaga County elections.

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