City of Syracuse

Voters Have Mixed Emotions About Presidential Election

By Kerene Limage, BDJ 530.01

Published on November 8, 2016

Voters leaving after casting their ballots. (c) 2016 Kerene Limage

Voters at Fayetville Library express how they feel about the Presidential Election.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) –  Voters shuffled quickly in and out of Fayetteville’s Free Library to cast their ballots. Some voters expressed that they can’t wait until the election season is over and they’ve had enough.

“This election season has been so bizarre,” voter Julie Parker said.

Some voters are casting their ballots for candidates who are not from the two major political parties. Gary Johnson is running as a part of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein is the candidate for the Green Party.

Voter Specialist for the library, Edward Bogucz, knows that the likelihood of either one of these candidates winning is very low but that has not stopped him in making his decision.

“I casted my vote for Jill Stein,” said Bogucz. “I know she’s not going to win but if she gets 5 percent of the votes, the Green Party will be recognized as a national party, and I think that’s important.”

Even though he voted across party lines he believes that Trump will probably win the Presidency.

“He’s more exciting to people,” said Bogucz. “He has a lot of devout followers and he’s an outsider which is all different in this election.”

One voter who wished to remain anonymous said that this one of the most bizarre election seasons she’s ever seen.

Working Family Party voter Martin Willittis does not think the issues that he cares about have been represented by either major party candidate this election season.

“In Republican-run states they’ve been trying to get away from unions and they’re more willing to destroy their own environment by doing hydro-fracking,” he said. “But the Democrats seem to be losing interest in the labor unions themselves.”

Willittis believes that many people are voting for Trump because they have lost their jobs and are seeing a divide between labor unions and non labor unions that didn’t used to exist before.