City of Syracuse

Warehouse Turnout Low According to Poll Workers

By Tyler Zschach, BDJ/NEW 530.01

Published on November 8, 2016

The quiet Nancy Cantor Warehouse polling station (c) 2016 Tyler Zschach

SYRACUSE, N.Y.- Volunteer poll workers at the Nancy Cantor Warehouse polling station say voter turnout was lower than initially expected by several hundred voters.

“Even last year at the midterms we had more people than we did this year,” said 64-year-old Rudy Harris of Syracuse. “We were really busy early this morning, but since lunchtime we have had more people come to the incorrect station than actually voting.”

Harris said that the station has confused many Syracuse University students who have tried to vote there, only to realize that they were not registered or were on the register at a different station.

“It’s dumb, because voting is supposed to be convenient and easy, and apparently I have to go to Drumlins instead of just voting after class here,” said Pat Boland, a SU sophomore studying photography.

Depending where students reside, most were to have voted at the Drumlins Golf Club or at one of the two polling stations located on main campus.

The Warehouse is located in the second district in the second ward, located on the near west side of Syracuse.

“We all took a guess early on about how many people we thought would show up. It’s definitely not final because the rush hour is supposed to be one of the most crowded times,” said poll worker Larry Terruso, 53. “I guessed a thousand people would vote today. So far, we are at just above 300, with almost a dozen spoiled ballots.”

98-year-old Celia Vosnak, who walked a mile to cast her ballot, said that this is the most important election she has participated in during her lifetime.

“I think Trump is very dangerous. I don’t think he would be a very good president at all. I think Hillary isn’t perfect, but she’s still better,” Vosnak said.

No designated poll watchers were present, but Harris said that they usually do not come to the Warehouse polling station.

“I think there are a lot of stations close by, but I hope everyone comes out and makes their voice heard,” he said.

Even with small numbers, the day has brought sporadic moments of excitement for the poll workers.

According to Terruso, One man, wearing a camouflaged “Make America Great Again” hat, stated as he left the polling station that anyone voting for Clinton is as crooked as her and called another voter an idiot.