Eastern Suburbs

Voter says this election will be “History in the making”

By Sarah Minkewicz, BDJ/NEW 530.01

Published on November 8, 2016


DEWITT, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) – Many voters say that despite the results,┬áthis election is one to remember for year’s to come.

“We’re voting for a women to run the United States for the first time, which is exciting,” said Maud White, who voted at Dewitt High School this morning.

Voter Peter Ridley also said the election is different from previous years.

“It will be history making no matter which way it goes,” he said.

White said although she’s excited about Hilary Clinton being the first female candidate for the Democrat Party, it’s not all about gender.

“You don’t choose people, you choose what they believe in and what they support,” White said. “So although I was pleased and proud to vote for a women , if she had not supported the same things I supported, I would not have voted for her.”

Linda Lowen said she noticed a larger turnout with voters in this election verses previous ones. She added that this many people need to vote every year.

“There’s always somebody running for office, whether it’s local, regional, or national,” she said. “I think we shoot ourselves in the foot as a Democratic nation if we only vote in the super bowls so to speak.”

Lowen said she believes this election received a higher turnout in part because of the Republican Candidate Donald Trump.

“This year one candidate has pushed the envelope and I think that’s why you’re seeing people come out and express incredible enthusiasm because he’s very different than those who have come before him in the Republican party,” she said.

Lowen added that in the future the Country should consider having more than two main political parties to allow voters more options.

Regardless of who wins, Ridley said he will accept the outcome of the election.

“We have to go forward. You can’t just stop being a member of the United States because you don’t win something every time.”