DeWitt Voters Ready to Engage New Leadership

By Ashley Moore, BDJ 530.01

Published on November 8, 2016

(c) 2016 Ashley Moore Voting underway at Jamesville-DeWitt High School.

Less than 24 hours left in this historic presidential election, NCC News Reporter Ashley Moore is out at local polling places with residents as they give their final thoughts before casting their vote.

DeWITT, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) РVoters filled the gym at Jamesville-DeWitt high school today to cast their votes in the historical presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Maud White, who votes in every election, said voting for the first woman Democratic nominee meant a lot to her.

“I was pleased and proud to vote for a woman, but if she had not supported the things I supported, I wouldn’t have voted for her,” she said.

Linda Lowen, a freelance writer, said this election’s media coverage and many controversies may inspire more people to vote.

“Political engagement happens when participants feel that there really is an outcome that they can influence or that matters,” she said. “This year a candidate has basically pushed the envelope and I think that’s why you’re seeing people come out and express incredible enthusiasm.”

Whichever candidate wins, voters said it was important to accept the results and look toward the future of this country.

“You can’t stop being a member of the United States because you don’t win something every time,” said voter Peter Ridley. “If you disagree with who won, you just have to work with your group or a group to try to change that the next election cycle.”