North of Normal Voter Turnout

By Jonathan Cerio, BDJ 530.01, BDJ 530.01, BDJ/NEW 530.01

Published on November 8, 2016


Election Day Images from the North Syracuse Central School District Offices

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Voters and volunteers tell us why they think there's a larger-than-normal voter turnout in North Syracuse today.

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) —  At the North Syracuse Central School District Offices, Election Day was busier than normal.  Cars filled multiple lots, the street, and lawn areas at the site.  People like Heidi Marsden, of North Syracuse, described why that might be the case.

“Our future is at stake,” said Marsden.  She said she likes both parties, and agrees with both candidates on various issues.

We don’t know Margaret Anne Waite’s exact age, but she has seen “many presidents” in her lifetime.  When asked how many times she’s voted in her life, she had a surprising answer.

“Four times, in my years,” Waite replied.  When asked, why this time, she said she felt strongly for who she was voting for.

“I’ll be up til the polls close, and we know who the President is,” Waite added.

Amy Auringer is 25-years-old, and is a first-time voter this year.  It wasn’t necessarily because of who’s running, however.

“This is my first time, no particular reason,” said Auringer.   “Probably more out of laziness, I’ll be honest.”

However, upon further reflection, she spoke on the significance of this particular election.

“The past couple of elections I’ve been younger, so I really didn’t have any interest,” added Auringer.  “As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how much of an impact just one vote can be.  And I think, especially with this election, with our two candidates, it’s kind of necessary.  You get out and vote, for whoever it is.”

This election is seeing a huge turnout in North Syracuse, for various reasons.  Bonnie Nash is a certified election watcher, volunteering at the site.  She’s noticing the turnout as well.

“We had over 200 voters that voted before 7 o’ clock this morning,” said Nash.  “It’s an outpouring of great people voting today in America.”


Voters help decide the future of North Syracuse, and America. (c) 2016 Jon Cerio