Eastern Suburbs

Manlius Residents Stress the Importance of Voting

By Kennedy Crenshaw, BDJ 464.01

Published on November 8, 2016

Manlius N.Y. (Democracy in Action)– People started their morning off early at the polls at the Manlius Town Hall. Although this election has people jumping at the chance to vote, there was no line inside or outside of the Manlius Town Hall. Curiously the line stayed minimal even though poll worker Elizabeth Mahon explained that there is only one voting booth. The voting process remained efficient as people came in and out of the town hall fairly quickly and expressed their excitement for their candidates.

Some voters stressed the need to disrupt the current political landscape of the United States. They say a business man is needed for the job. Stephen Lindenmayer, a Manlius resident, said that even if the republican nominee fails, he wants to see someone new in the White House and that is why he is voting for him. Adamantly people defended their candidates and looked forward to the future they could possibly bring. One voter expressed her excitement for being able to vote for the first female president. No matter which side people vote for, the important thing is to go out and vote “especially if issues affect you personally,” according to Lisa Papa, a Manlius school teacher.