2018 midterm elections

Local Minority Female Votes for First Time

By Michael Mulford, BDJ 464.02

Published on November 6, 2018

By Mike Mulford (SYRACUSE, N.Y.) — Voters of all ages and demographics came to the Hazard Branch Library on West Genesee Street in Syracuse on Tuesday to vote in the midterm election.

19-year-old Maralicia Newton was one of those to cast her ballot. The Onondaga Community College sophomore voted for the first time and says it’s crucial for people her age to get out and vote.

“Every vote counts,” she said. “And I think my vote is important as well.

Newton, who is a criminal justice major, hopes to become a parole officer one day. She said teens struggle voting because they just don’t think their voice counts or that they will be impacted by the election. She, however, thinks her voice and her vote are hugely important and that voting is meaningful for everyone.

“A lot of my friends- they don’t really vote because they just don’t think it affects them as much,” she said. “It always matters.”

Newton admitted that she, like many teens, asks their parents for political advice, especially as it comes to voting. She spoke with her mother before voting because she wanted to make sure her mind was completely made up before submitting her ballot.

“I feel like I’m not always sure with my own opinions,” she added. “That’s not really smart to go off other people’s opinions but I trust my mom. I asked her a couple things to clarify.”