CNY Voters Look Down-ballot For Choice

By Jacqueline Tenreiro, BDJ/NEW 530.01

Published on November 8, 2016

Voters pick up their blank ballots at the North Central Church in Liverpool. (c) 2016 Jacqueline Tenreiro

Voters at the North Central Church in Liverpool, New York, talk about why they're less-than-enthusiastic for this election.

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (Democracy in Action) — A line of voters formed at North Central Church, but that didn’t mean the people waiting were enthusiastic about casting their votes.

“I think most people will just pick the lesser of the two evils,” voter Eric Poole said.

He’s not the only one trying to make the best of candidate options.

Marcia Tschopp voted for the first time today. She was motivated, in part, by her 18-year old daughter, a feminist who supports gender equality.

“It was very important to her that we not vote for [Donald] Trump,” she said.

But Tschopp wasn’t always planning to vote for Hillary Clinton.

She and her daughter were Bernie Sanders supporters, and only shifted their support to the former secretary of state after it became clear she would more closely share Sanders’ views.

“We did want to vote for Hillary for this election,” she said. “Not because we thought initially that she would be the best, but because she would be more likely, like Bernie Sanders, in this election, to represent women and more gender equality.”

Though he wouldn’t reveal who he voted for, Poole said his lack of enthusiasm for either candidate caused him to vote across party lines. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if others did the same, and if this election’s results showed major support for third party candidates.

Voter Craig Matt agreed this election’s focus shouldn’t be solely on major party presidential candidates. There are local senators, assemblyman and judges, among others, on the ballot.

“You can change a lot more than who is going to be president,” he said.