2016 Race Brings Mixed Feelings in Marcellus

By Joshua Hess, BDJ 464.01

Published on November 8, 2016

It's Election Day across America and voters this year have mixed feelings about the candidates and election cycle itself. Video produced by NCC News.

MARCELLUS, N.Y. (Democracy in Action)— Many voters eagerly wait four years between election cycles. 2016, however, is a unique year. There are two candidates that many people either don’t trust, or simply do not like. In Central New York, voters feel the same sentiments as much of the country.

“In previous years, people actually went out and voted for people that they liked,” Marcellus resident Alexander Gabriel remarked. “Now, it’s just which one do you hate more.”

The decision comes down to Donald Trump, a career businessman, and Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady and Secretary of State that has been a career politician for many years.

“You’ve got people who aren’t necessarily political thinking about politics or just liking Trump because he’s not a politician. It’s nice to see a woman, but I don’t know what to say about this woman,” Marcellus voter Kathy Hutchings said with a smile.

Others are just looking forward to their next experience voting in a presidential election where the candidates may be more favorable for everyone.

“What I’m hoping mostly is that people see what went on this time and hopefully try to improve it a little bit for the next cycle around, and maybe we can get a couple people in who are better options,” first time voter Benjamin Zimmer noted.

Regardless of what happens in the future, all eyes are on election results tonight.